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Jan. 28, 2013

Lupe Flores

HACU statement on senators’ bipartisan immigration plan

HACU applauds U.S. Senators Schumer, McCain, Durbin, Graham, Menendez, Rubio, Bennet and Flake, the so-called “Gang of 8,” for making substantial immigration reform progress in the Senate. The bipartisan framework the senators released includes: a path to citizenship for unauthorized immigrants, increased border security and improvements to our legal immigration system, strong employment verification, streamlined processes for admitting new workers and protecting workers’ rights. The framework released includes special provisions for DREAM Act-eligible immigrants.

“HACU praises all eight senators for the work they have done to reach a bipartisan agreement,” said HACU President and CEO Antonio R. Flores. “The principles recognize that DREAMers did not choose to enter the country and should not be subject to the same requirements as other individuals to earn a path to citizenship. They also provide for the offering of permanent resident visas to foreign graduate students in STEM fields; while this may be a sound short-term measure, we must also invest in the development of STEM professionals among our citizens as well as DREAM students, rather than over-importing students from other countries or unfairly denying visas to students from Latin American countries. We also urge Congress to define ‘serious criminal background’ in a fair and balanced manner to preclude the deportation of otherwise eligible immigrants because of youthful mistakes.” To access a copy of the principles click here.

HACU is working with Congress and the White House to urge passage of comprehensive immigration reform that includes the DREAM Act. HACU created the Act on the DREAM Coalition in 2010 to urge passage of the DREAM Act.