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  Untitled Document Faculty for Inclusive Rural/Multicultural Special-educator Training (FIRST)

Program Overview:
The U.S. Department of Education has awarded Northern Arizona University (NAU) College of Education a grant to prepare Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Special Education Doctoral Students. The FIRST grant will fund Hispanic or Native American individuals, including individuals with disabilities. This program will provide 12 students the opportunity to earn a doctorate in education (Ed. D.) in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Special Education beginning in Spring 2004 and ending by December 2007. This innovative program will allow these individuals to keep their positions in local school districts during the school year, while taking courses through distance education and through intensive doctoral studies in Flagstaff during the summers.

Public schools currently face serious shortages of special education teachers, particularly in rural and inner city schools. The FIRST grant is intended to assist schools in meeting the need for special educators by preparing additional culturally diverse special education higher education faculty to assist in teacher preparation. FIRST program graduates will be prepared and expected to take positions in departments of special education at colleges or universities.

The grant will provide funding to the 12 doctoral students for tuition, books, travel to Flagstaff in the summer, family campus housing in the summer, and a small summer living expense stipend. In addition, the grant provides support to the 12 FIRST doctoral students through faculty research mentors, doctoral student mentors, travel to national conferences, and enrichment seminars with nationally known researchers in bilingual special education.

Prerequisites for FIRST doctoral candidates in addition to requirements for admission into the NAU C& I doctoral program:
1. Native American or Mexican American cultural background.
2. Two or more years teaching experience as a fully certified special education teacher (need documentation from Special Education Director of your role as a teacher whose primary responsibility was in special education as well as a copy of special education teaching certificate).

FIRST Timeline:
August 2003 –
September 2003
Recruitment and informational meetings
October 15, 2003 All applicants need to have completed Miller Analogies Test (MAT) or Graduate Record Exam (GRE)
November 1, 2003 Deadline for NAU to receive names for required C& I List of References/Recommendations as specified in the C & I FIRST Doctoral Handbook (page 2 Admission Process)
November 20, 2003 Deadline for Application to NAU Graduate College, $45 application fee is non-refundable.
December 15, 2003 Deadline for NAU to receive all FIRST and C & I Portfolio application materials including MAT or GRE test scores.
January 2004 C & I Admissions Committee and FIRST Screening Committee review applications and make selections
February 1, 2004 Application decision and notification to individuals receiving FIRST grant funding.
February 7, 2004 Deadline for NAU to receive FIRST doctoral student contracts
February 15, 2004 Coursework begin

FIRST Doctoral Program Tentative Schedule of Classes


ESE 520 Bilingual Multicultural Aspects of Special Education(WEB)Begins Feb. 15
ESE 650 Advanced Methods of Special Education, (WEB)-Begins April 15

Summer 2004:

EPS 525 Introduction to Statistics, (Flagstaff)
ESE 655 Advanced Assessment of Exceptional Learners, (Flagstaff)
EPS 720 Seminar in Learning, (Flagstaff)
ESE 685 Graduate Research: Early Childhood CLDE (Flagstaff)

EDR 610 Introduction to Research, (WEB)
ECI 710 Contexts of Schooling, (WEB)


ESE 603 Inclusive Collaborative Methods for CLDE, (WEB)
ECI 675 Principles of Curriculum Construction, (WEB)

Summer 2005:

EPS 625 Intermediate Statistics, (Flagstaff)
EDF 677 Educational Sociology (Flagstaff)
ECI 730 Paradigms for Research in Curriculum and Instruction, (Flagstaff)

ESE 685 Graduate Research: CLDE Single Subject Design/Research, (Flagstaff)

EDR 720 Research Design (WEB)
ESE 602 Teaching CLDE Students, (WEB)


EDL 722 Legal Aspects of School Administration (WEB)
ESE 601 Limiting Bias in Assessment of CLDE Students, (WEB)

Summer 2006:

ESE 798 Dissertation Seminar, (Flagstaff)
ECI 740 Praxis Seminar, (Flagstaff)
ESE 791 Interdisciplinary Seminar in CLDE, (Flagstaff)
ECI 761 Advanced Seminar in Curriculum Problems, (Flagstaff)


ECI 771 Curriculum and Instruction in Higher Education, (WEB Enhanced)
Comprehensive Exams (Written and Oral)


ESE 796 Internship (Higher Education Teaching)
ESE 799 Dissertation


ESE 799 Dissertation

Fall 2007: ESE 799 Dissertation

For more information contact:

Lela Montfort
FIRST GRANT Administrative Coordinator
College of Education
Northern Arizona University
Box 5774
Flagstaff, AZ 86011
Phone 928-523-0677
Fax 928-523-1929

Principal Investigator, FIRST Grant
Dr. Patricia Peterson
Phone 928-523-4005

Curriculum and Instruction Doctoral Program Coordinator
Dr. Stephen Lapan
Phone 928-523-3480

All FIRST grant application information can be found at: You must use Internet Explorer. If you do not have access to Internet Explorer, please contact Lela Montfort, listed above.

Mail completed application to:
FIRST Grant Program Application
Educational Specialties Department, NAU
PO Box 5774
Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff, AZ 86011