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How your Giving Tuesday donation helps Stephanie’s education

The holidays are here, a time to be with family and friends, observe time-honored traditions and maybe start some new ones.

Memories are often made sitting around the table with our loved ones, catching up and learning about the latest happenings in one another’s life.

When it is our member-institution students’ turn to speak, we are grateful they can speak to the quality education they are receiving and of their plan to fulfill their lifelong dreams – like Stephanie Baez, a sophomore at Western New Mexico State University.

Baez is a first-generation student, hoping to be a role model for her younger brother.She and her family moved to the United States for financial stability when she was 8 years old. Throughout school, her family encouraged her to pursue a different future than they could ever have for themselves.

“For my family, going to college is a big deal,” Baez said. “Being able to be here is a big deal, because it’s everything I’ve worked hard for.”

Through a generous sponsorship, Baez was able to attend the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities’ 29th Annual Conference Student Track, a three-day career development and networking symposium designed to strengthen career skills of undergraduate students.

“College can be so intimidating, because you feel like you’re doing it alone,” Baez said. “My parents don’t know anything about SATs or tuition, ... and it gets scary. But listening to the speakers, knowing they have all gone through the process and are well informed helps me know I can do it, too.”

On Giving Tuesday, a charitable donation helps HACU give Hispanic students, like Baez, a fair opportunity at college and connect them to the resources they need to graduate and become the next leading professionals.

To become a champion of Hispanic success in higher education, make a donation here.