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May 25, 2016

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Executive Leadership track for university presidents and CEOs among the highlights of Hispanic higher education conference, Oct. 8-10

The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) will host its 30th Annual Conference, Oct. 8-10, 2016, in San Antonio, Texas, offering 58 workshops under six tracks, one of which is Executive Leadership for Presidents and CEOs. These workshops, designated for leaders of institutions, are part of HACU’s premier conference on Hispanic higher education.

The following workshops under the track Executive Leadership for Presidents and CEOs will be offered:

Building Capacity for Latino Leadership in Higher Education - This  panel  introduces  a  new  conceptual framework  as  a  way  to  understand  the  capacity  of  leadership for  Latinos  in  higher  education.  The panelists will discuss equity minded frameworks, highlight various leadership programs and the impact of the Latino leadership higher education pipeline at Hispanic-Serving Institutions and Predominantly White Institutions.

Campus Climate Issues Facing Higher Education Leaders: Institutional Response Matters - A  special  session  by  the  National  Association  of  College & University Attorneys on pressing issues facing higher education, such as campus unrest and unease, the Fisher case, and others of particular interest to senior administrators and CEOs.

Culturally Responsive Leadership for HSI Inclusivity, Sustainability and Success - Today there are 435 designated HSIs and 296 “emerging,” many enrolling diverse students. An HSI president’s leadership acumen needs to be responsive to many constituencies, and   simultaneously   prepare   campus   officers   for   cultural responsiveness on multicultural campuses.

Toward a More Inclusive Campus Climate - This  session  details how a predominantly white public university utilized its existing strategic  plan as a mandate for a new action plan to address all aspects of an inclusive campus climate, including cultural competency assessments and training; hiring goals to diversify the workforce;  cross–racial interaction and diverse student engagement; and diversifying the classroom context through cultural perspectives and interdisciplinary concentrations, such as a new Ethnic Studies Concentration.

Hispanic–Serving Institutions: Strategic Leadership for Campus Presidents - With   the   changing   demographic   trends   across   the   United States,  presidents  at  many  colleges  and  universities  will  soon find themselves serving increased numbers of Hispanic students on  their  campuses. This session presents the challenges and opportunities involved in a president’s role at an HSI and discusses strategies for effective impact – including the presence, strength and role of the athletics department in strategic leadership.

Corporate Board Readiness for College Presidents/Deans - Nearly one-third of U.S. college presidents serve on corporate boards according to "Inside Higher Education." Yet the number of Latino/a college presidents serving on corporate boards is extremely low. The Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR) will lead a panel discussion with industry experts to discuss the challenges of getting appointed to a corporate board, potential compliance issues, and strategies for Latino/a college presidents and deans to position themselves for potential corporate board opportunities.