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May 26, 2006

HACU and UBS partner to educate students on careers in the financial services industry

Stamford, CT – UBS, a new partner for the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities’ Student Employment and Educational Development Program (SEED), held their Freshman Frenzy event last Friday, May 19, 2006.  The event is an all-day workshop that provides freshman college students insight into UBS and careers in the financial services industry.  The event took place at various campuses as well as the UBS office in Connecticut/New York.

The students toured the UBS facilities as well as visited the trading floor at the Park Avenue office.  Several speakers were also on hand to talk about opportunities and career paths in the company.  There was also a resume workshop which several students found most helpful.

Michael Liebman and Rosalynne Singh (center) ride train to New York with
other program participants (outside
left and right)

“Meeting with the Careercore representative was extremely useful for polishing my resume and being successful during the job interview process,” said HACU student participant Michael Liebman.

UBS partnered with the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) to help identify diverse candidates with an interest in the financial services industry for the program.  HACU provided UBS with the names of 6 students who all qualified for the program and were selected by UBS.

According to Gloria Odogbili, Diversity Recruiter for UBS, the Freshman Frenzy program was piloted in 2005 and was continued due to its overwhelming success.

“UBS recognizes the importance of recruiting students during the early stages of their educational careers.  Programs such as Freshman Frenzy and Discovery Days (our four day sophomore externship program) allow us to educate and expose students to careers in finance," explained Odogbili.    UBS remains committed to recruiting diverse talent as one of the core values of the firm, and programs like Freshman Frenzy allow us to do just that.”

The students who participated were Francisco Contijoch, Johns Hopkins University; Juan Jose Pedroza, Yale University; Linda Pantera, University of Pennsylvania; Michael Liebman, University of Miami; Rosalynne Singh, Florida International University; and Christian Montoya, Trinity College.

Participant Francisco Contijoch found the event very informative with regard to his chosen career.

“There is a huge range of business opportunities for my Biomedical Engineering degree," Contijoch said.  "Often the notion is that it is either medical school or research, when in reality there are huge openings in the business sector.”

Christian Montoya, another program participant said he would strongly recommend this program to other students.

“If they have never heard of Investment Banking, or they want to learn more, this is the program for them," said Montoya.  "I am thankful I had the chance to participate, and I would encourage others to apply.”

As a partner of HACU’s SEED Program, UBS has access to HACU’s diversified database of candidate resumes to help find qualified applicants for jobs within their organization.  Visit for more information regarding assistance with diversity recruiting through the SEED Program.