November 10, 2021 

HACU President and CEO featured in Council on Foreign Relations webinar

The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities President and CEO Antonio R. Flores was a featured speaker of the Council on Foreign Relations for “Higher Education Webinar: The Role of Hispanic-Serving Institutions,” Nov. 10, 2021. Flores spoke on the current state of higher education for Hispanics, the Association’s commitment to serving underrepresented populations, and how HSIs contribute to developing talent for the next generation of foreign policy leaders.

Flores also spoke on the misconceptions and lack of awareness regarding HSIs, even among their communities and the legislators serving them, as well as the potential for these institutions in contributing to the diversity of global policy makers. “The students that go through HSI-designated institutions have the potential to reshape and recalibrate what we mean when we say we are ambassadorial in the world,” he stated. “The United States needs to upgrade and change its relational dynamics, political and economic, to include diverse voices that come from the learned and lived experiences of people who traditionally come from first-generation families, first-generation students. And HSIs are equipped to do that.”

The webinar audio is available here. To read a transcript of the interview, click here.