Job Title:

Safety Assistant


U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)


Agricultural Research Service (ARS)


Spring 2022

Format (Location):

Hybrid (1515 College Ave., Manhattan, KS, 66502)

Hours Per Week:


Job Description:

*Position to be filled immediately; intern will start as soon as security clearance approved.

Intern will:

  • assist in preparing safety manuals and guidelines;
  • assist in tracking and updating safety reports, chemical inventories, and other resources;
  • maintain Employee Safety Training Certificates; and
  • assist with routine safety inspections.

About USDA and HACU

For the past 27 years, USDA has partnered with HACU to provide internship opportunities for hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students. These internships provide valuable professional experience for students while also exposing students to the important work that is done at USDA. The students also make significant contributions to the sub-agencies.

This partnership with HACU represents a larger USDA strategy aimed at ensuring a diverse, prepared, and competitive workforce that is vital to establishing a sustainable agricultural future. As a result of their positive internship experiences and supportive and inclusive culture at USDA, many former HACU students are now members of the USDA permanent workforce.


  • Intern preferably has a background in Environmental Science and/or Health.
  • Intern should have:
    • attention to detail;
    • efficient organizational and multi-tasking abilities; and
    • basic familiarity with word processing and spreadsheet software.