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December 10, 2010
HSI eligibility and other grants opportunities

HSI eligibility application due for FY 2011

HACU encourages all eligible institutions to apply for Hispanic-Serving Institution designation through the Department of Education to be able to compete for the Title V Parts A and B and the HSI STEM Program grants for FY 2011.

Notice: The Department is opening the period for submitting an application for a designation of eligibility for FY 2011 for the following programs related to Hispanic-Serving Institutions:

  • Hispanic-Serving Institutions (STEM and ARTICULATION) Program
  • Promoting Postbaccalaureate Opportunities for Hispanic Americans Program (PPOHA)

AGENCY: Office of Postsecondary Education, Department of Education.

Additional Info: Applications for designation of eligibility must be submitted electronically using the following Web site:

Title V Statute - Title 20, Chapter 28, Subchapter V of the U.S. Code (Cornell University Law School Legal Information Institute Web site)

Title V Regulations - 34 CFR Part 606

Deadline: Application must be received by January 31, 2011.

Contact Info:  
Carnisia Proctor
Institutional Development and Undergraduate Education Service
U.S. Department of Education
1990 K Street, NW, Room 6033
Request for Eligibility Designation
Washington, DC 20006–8513
Phone: 202-502-7606.

DHS Scientific Leadership Awards for Minority-Serving Institutions Granting Bachelor Degrees

HACU encourages institutions to apply for the following opportunity within the Department of Homeland Security. This particular grant program is often in danger of being eliminated due to a lack of participation by Minority-Serving Institutions. It would send a strong message if many of our qualified institutions submitted proposals.

The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS), Science and Technology (S&T), Scientific Leadership Awards (SLA) support the development of a coordinated program of education in Homeland Security-related Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (HS-STEM) to prepare students for careers in research and development of the technology needed to secure our nation. Moreover, DHS strongly supports the development of a workforce that reflects the population of the United States of America. The DHS, S&T Directorate, Office of University Programs solicits applications from eligible Minority-Serving Institutions (MSIs) granting bachelor degrees to support early-career faculty and to establish homeland security–related scientific leadership programs in areas critical to homeland security.

Original Closing Date for Applications:

Jan 31, 2011   

Expected Number of Awards:


Estimated Total Program Funding:


Award Ceiling:

Performance Period

Anticipated Award Date


3-5 years

September 2011


 Limit of one proposal per institution.;jsessionid=3vZLM2NG0W6dlnfQFH1CLvmznB4fyyYrzTH0mz013Sh0N8gv3hpv!-851525321?oppId=58953&mode=VIEW

2011 Nuclear Energy University Programs (NEUP) Fellowships, Scholarships and R&D Programs

HACU encourages institutions to apply for the following opportunities within the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Office of Nuclear Energy.  

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Office of Nuclear Energy created the Nuclear Energy University Programs (NEUP) to fund nuclear energy research and equipment upgrades at U.S. colleges and universities and to provide scholarships and fellowships to students pursuing careers in nuclear engineering.

NEUP plays a key role in helping DOE accomplish its mission of leading the nation's investment in the development and exploration of advanced nuclear science and technology.

To take advantage of the opportunities below, U.S. colleges and universities MUST apply to the U.S. Department of Energy to administer NEUP scholarships and fellowships. 

Through a separate solicitation, operated by DOE’s Idaho field office, Universities CAN become eligible by applying to DOE's Funding Opportunity Announcement on by searching for announcement number: DE-FOA-0000304.  This requirement needs to be fulfilled prior to distribution of funds.

Students:  If your university is not listed, send an email to

Directions for accessing this announcement on

  1. on right side of the page is "grant search"; click on that
  2. once in grant search, enter the FOA number: DE-FOA-0000304 and search
  3. click on "Fellowship/scholarship Programs"
  4. click on "application"
  5. at the bottom of the page, click on "download instructions and applications"
  6. then download "application package"
  7. follow instructions to fill out the electronic form

2011 NEUP Nuclear Energy Fellowship:

Fellowship recipients receive $50,000 a year over three years to help pay for their graduate studies and research.

 To be considered for a fellowship, you must be: 

You must submit:

  • A personal career statement explaining why you are interested in pursuing a career in nuclear science and engineering.
  • A statement describing your previous research experience
  • An essay describing the research you are interested in conducting during your fellowship
  • Three reference letters
  • Copies of undergraduate and any graduate college transcripts
  • GRE general and subject test scores. NEUP’s designated institution code is 4470.


  • A program eligibility essay describing how your program of study fits with the U.S. Department of Energy Office.

2011 NEUP Nuclear Energy Scholarships

Scholarship recipients receive $5,000 toward the cost of their education. They are eligible to apply for the scholarship in subsequent years.  

To be considered for a scholarship, you must be:

You must submit:

  • A personal career statement explaining why you are interested in pursuing a career in nuclear science and engineering
  • Two reference letters
  • Copy of college transcripts (current college freshmen need to provide high school transcripts)
  • ACT (code 6309) and SAT (code 5965) scores


  • A program eligibility essay describing how your program of study fits with the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Energy’s mission

2011 NEUP Nuclear Energy Research and Development Program

  • Nuclear Energy University Programs seeks to align the nuclear energy research being conducted at U.S. colleges and universities with DOE’s mission and goals.      
  • University research funded through NEUP will enable R&D that facilitates meeting NE's programmatic objectives.  NE's strategic goals for nuclear energy are clearly defined within the Nuclear Energy Research and Development Roadmap (  
  • Research components covered by this RPA are Program Supporting and Mission Supporting R&D in Fuel Cycle Research and Development, Reactor Concepts and Nuclear Energy Enabling Technologies.  
  • Awards are made through a competitive process that includes a pre-application and a full proposal stage.  

For more information about the aforementioned opportunities, please visit the Nuclear Energy University Programs website ( or contact Mr. Kenny Osborne (208-526-0805).  

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