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Advocacy / 2013 Data on Hispanics 

HACU 2013 Data on Hispanics

In previous years, HACU would provide its Capitol Forum attendees a binder with information that would include the HACU Legislative Agenda, HACU Public Policy priorities and appropriations requests, data on HSIs, information about Latinos in K-12, higher education, and in the workforce.

This year, we have provided the information on USB drives for our attendees, in addition to providing online access.

Table of Contents

1. HACU Information

   A. About HACU

   B. HACU Governing Board

HACU Corporate & Philanthropic Council

HACU Government Relations Committee and Staff

2. HACU Membership Lists

   A. HSI List

Associate List

Partner List

Internationals List


3. 2013 HSI Fact Sheet

4. Lists of HSIs

   A. 2011-12 Lists
        i. 2011-12 HSIs with Congressional Districts
        ii. 2011-12 Emerging HSIs with Congressional Districts
        iii. 2011-12 Federal HSI List
        iv. 2011-12 Emerging HSI List
. 2010-11 Lists
        i. 2010-11 Federal HSI List
        ii. 2010-11 Emerging HSI List

   B. 2009-10 Lists
        i. 2009 Federal HSI List
        ii. 2009 Emerging HSI List

   C. 2008-09 Lists
        i. 2008 Federal HSI List
        ii. 2008 Emerging HSI List

5. HACU Government Relations Documents

   A. Appropriations requests for FY 2014
        i. FY 2014 Appropriations Requests
        ii. FY 2014 Appropriations Chart
        iii. Department of Agriculture
        iv. Department of Commerce
        v. Department of Defense
        vi. Department of Education
        vii. Department of Energy
        viii. Department of Health and Human Services
        ix. Department of Housing and Urban Development
        x. Department of State        
        xi. Department of Veterans Affairs
        xii. National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA)
        xiii. National Science Foundation (NSF)

   B. DREAM Act & Immigration
        i. HACU Case for the DREAM Act
        ii. HACU Immigration Policy Statement

   C. Elementary and Secondary Education (ESEA)
        i. HACU ESEA Policy Document
        ii. HACU ESEA recommendations

   D. Farm Bill 2013
        i. Farm Bill reauthorization 2013
        ii. HACU USDA Provisions

   E. Higher Education Act (HEA)
        i. HACU HEA Policy Document

   F. Workforce Investment Act (WIA)
        i. HACU WIA authorization
        ii. HACU WIA Policy Document

   G. FY 2000-2012 Title V Grants to HSIs

   H. HACU 113th Congress Bill Tracking Chart

   I. HACU Internship placements per agency

   J. Sequestration by the Numbers

6. HACU Legislative Agenda

7. Congressional Groups

   A. Congressional Hispanic Caucus--113th Congress

   B. Congressional Hispanic Caucus Task Forces--113th Congress

   C. Congressional Hispanic Conference--113th Congress

8. Data on Hispanics

   A. HACU HSI data
        i. HACU 2000 & 2010 comparison data and map
        ii. HACU 2010-11 Fed HSIs Headcount Enrollment by Race and Ethnicity
        iii. HACU 2010-11 Fed HSIs Percentage Enrollment by Race and Ethnicity

   B. Higher Education
        i. NCES Report--Enrollment in Postsecondary Education
        ii. Survey of Earned Doctorates--Doctoral recipients by race and field of study (Table 23)
        iii. Survey of Earned Doctorates--Doctoral recipients by race and major (Table 24)

   C. K-12
        i. Teacher Diversity Matters--Center for American Progress

   D. Employment Statistics
        i. 2012 US DOL report--Latino Labor Force
        ii. 2012 Monthly Labor Review--Occupational Employment Projections to 2020
        iii. 2012 BLS Employed Persons by Occupation (Table 10)
        iv. 2012 BLS Employed Persons by Detailed Occupation, Sex, Race & Ethnicity (Table 11)
        v. Occupations with largest job growth 2010 to 2020 (Table 2)
        vi. Presidential Executive Order on Diversity in Federal Workforce
        vii. 2012 US OPM report - Hispanic Employment in Federal Workforce

   E. U.S. Census Data
        i. 2010 Census Brief--Hispanic Population
        ii. 2012 Census Bureau--Educational Attainment in the U.S. (Table 1)
        iii. 2012 Census Bureau--Education Completed by People 25 Years and Over (Table 3)
        iv. 2012 Statistical Abstract--Population by Race, Hispanic Origin and Age (Table 10)
        v. 2012 Statistical Abstract--Civilian Labor Force (Table 587)
        vi. 2012 Statistical Abstract--Employed Civilians by Occupation (Table 616)