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Action Alert--November 17, 2005


HACU urges support for HSI Appropriations for HEA-Title V for FY 2006


Late yesterday, November 16, 2005 the House and Senate Conference Committee approved the Labor, Health & Human Services, and Education spending bill for FY 2006, HR 3010.


The Conference report only provides $95.8 million for HSIs under Title V.  This falls short of the $100.7 million which the Senate Conference Committee approved. 


The same funding decrease appears in the Conference report for other programs identified by the Hispanic Education Coalition as impacting on the education of Hispanic students in K- post secondary education programs.


The spending bill has now been filed by the House and will go to the House floor sometime today for action.


The Senate will not take up the Conference report until the House votes on the bill.


We must stop the spending bill from being approved by the House today.


The Conference report for Labor, HHS & Education is bad for HSIs and bad for the education of the Hispanic community.


HACU urges every HSI member to immediately contact their Congressional Representative in addition to any other House members they may know and urge them to vote NO on the Conference Report (HR 3010) for Labor, Health and Human Services, Education and Related Agencies.   


Request that House members (Democrats and Republicans alike) vote NO on the Conference Report for HR 3010 and support the Senate’s recommended increase for the Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions program (Title V) for Fiscal Year (FY) 2006 by $4.95 million to $100.7 million. 



About the HACU FY 2006 Appropriations Requests:


Title V: Developing Hispanic Serving Institutions:  For FY 2005 Congress appropriated $95.1 million in Title V grants for HSIs. While the appropriation has helped some HSIs enhance their quality, there remain many HSIs which could also benefit from Title V funding to make higher education possible for Hispanics.  Currently there are over 240 HSIs eligible to compete for grants from Title V.  HSIs enroll close to one half of all Hispanic undergraduate students.  HACU strongly supports the Senate’s recommendation of $100.7 million for HSIs under Title V of the HEA.


Contact HACU’s D.C. office at (202) 833-8361 for additional information and assistance.




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