Become a HACU Alumni Ambassador Today!

The success of HNIP and the HACU Collegiate Student Programs is largely dependent on word-of-mouth advertising. Thanks to you, HNIP has continued to provide the best and the brightest of our community for all of our federal agency and corporate partners.

As more and more opportunities become available, the demand to fill those position increases. From time to time, we're unable to fill various positions simply because we do not have the students to fill them. To ensure none of the opportunities go to waste, we need your help in spreading the word about HACU.

You may download the following presentation to learn more about the benefits of being an HACU Alumni Ambassador including the Presidents Volunteer Service Award. HNIP Ambassadors should register with the PVSA at There is a special code to link your HACU-related volunteer hours.

HACU Alumni Ambassador Presentation


There are several ways you can help:

Present an Information Session

For those of you who are still in school, information sessions are very effective recruiting tools. Not only do interested applicants learn about HACU, but they also get to hear about your experiences as a HACU National Internship Program intern, an Annual Conference Student Track participant, or about your experience as a HACU scholarship recipient. You can greatly influence interested students by presenting an information session.

A sample presentation is provided below:

HNIP 2017-2018 Recruiting Presentation

Click here for a copy of our latest flyer.

Represent HACU at Internship or Career Fairs

Representing HACU at local college events, such as career and internship fairs is extremely helpful to our recruiting efforts. These particular activities are an excellent opportunity for you to make personal and professional contacts. It’s also a great chance to “tell your story” to eager students.

Hang up Posters

Many students and even career counselors are simply not aware of programs like HNIP or scholarships. The more visibility HACU has, the more likely students will consider an experience through HACU.

If you plan on hosting a session, attending a career fair, or plan to hang up posters, please notify us with a couple of weeks in advance so that we're able to ship promotional materials to you. Contact for more information on how you can help spread the word about HNIP and other HACU Student Programs!

Thank you for your assistance.