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Why You Should Support HACU

  • HACU is the nation's only organized voice for Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) and Hispanic students in higher education.
  • HACU's National Internship Program (HNIP) is the largest internship program for Hispanics in the United States (
  • HACU's conferences are the only national platforms that focus solely on Hispanic higher education issues.

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HACU Impacts Higher Education From All Angles

HACU's work serves the largest concentrations of Hispanic higher education students in the United States and wants to do more to make certain that students have every chance to succeed. While Hispanics are on pace to become the largest segment of the population, statistics indicate despite the growing numbers, they continue to show the lowest educational attainment and income levels. The need for well-educated Hispanics continues to increase as they are and will continue to be the “backbone” of the new American workforce. Hispanics currently account for one of every three new workers entering the workforce today and are projected to be one of every two by the year 2025. It is important you invest in HACU's work today so we can continue to improve educational access, equity and success for Hispanic students. Your support will expand our reach and strengthen our programs, initiatives, and research efforts to ready the Hispanic leaders of tomorrow.

Support and empower HACU! With your contribution, HACU can better:

  • Educate policy makers about the importance of increased funding for Hispanic higher education
  • Enhance programs such as the HACU National Internship Program (HNIP) and increase opportunities that will provide hands-on experience for students and ensure a well-educated pool of talent for the workforce of tomorrow
  • Continue to build leadership, student, and faculty development programs
  • Provide grant writing, research, faculty development, and training opportunities
  • Showcase best practices and address critical issues through our annual conferences and forums

HACU meets a wide variety of educational needs and unrestricted support allows us to direct your resources to areas of greatest need.

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