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Mission & Statement of Purpose

The mission of HACU’s Faculty and Staff Affiliates is to promote Hispanic student access to and success in higher education; encourage the diversity of faculty and staff at institutions of higher learning; and provide a network of support for faculty and staff committed to Hispanic higher education throughout the country.

To this end, its members are committed to the following priorities:



•         Helping Hispanic students succeed at their individual institutions;

•         Sharing grant and scholarship opportunities that can help Hispanic students succeed;

•         Participating in HACU’s annual scholarship review committee;

•         Developing student programs that can provide mentoring to students or create internship programs with sister universities;

•         Helping identify and implement programming that focuses on pre-collegiate preparation for Hispanic students;



•          Helping Hispanic faculty and staff succeed at their individual institutions;

•          Creating more networking opportunities for faculty and staff of all ethnicities;

•          Promoting and sharing opportunities for advancement for faculty and staff;

•          Sharing best practices with Faculty and Staff Affiliates;

•          Helping identify and implement programming that focuses on higher education leadership training for minority faculty and staff;

•          Creating professional and personal development opportunities;



•          Finding new and innovative ways of advertising and recruiting Hispanics for positions at various levels;

•          Creating a network for résumé posting for mid-level and senior-level positions;

•          Finding and promoting tenure employment opportunities for minority faculty;

•          Helping HACU-member and non-member institutions develop plans to recruit more Hispanics in higher education;

•          Encouraging member institutions to support HACU’s legislative agenda.