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HACU National Internship Program / Frequently Asked Questions 

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you have questions! For this reason, we created a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) section to help answer some of the most common that we receive. We hope this helps!

  1. What is HACU and HNIP?
  2. Can I apply to the program if my institution is not a HACU member? 
  3. I am not Hispanic, can I still participate in the program? 
  4. Who pays for my travel expenses? 
  5. Does HACU pay for my housing? 
  6. If I have family or friends in the area of my internship, can I live with them instead? 
  7. Can I start my internship before the official start date or leave before the program ends? 
  8. Do I have to attend orientation if I have already interned with HNIP? 
  9. Can I participate in the spring session if I am graduating in December? 
  10. When I applied for the summer session, I was a junior. Now that the school year is over, my school considers me a senior. Will I be paid as a junior or senior during my internship? 
  11. I will be graduating this May and I plan on attending graduate school this fall. Will I be paid as a graduate student this summer? 
  12. I am a summer intern who will also be participating in the fall program. Will my pay rate increase? 
  13. I have already graduated with my degree (associates, bachelors, masters, etc.) and have been accepted for another degree program. Can I participate if I have been accepted but not yet enrolled? 
  14. If there are organizations that I would prefer to work with, should I mention it in my essay? 
  15. Can I choose the location of my internship? 
  16. Are there other options outside of HACU-arranged housing available in DC?
  17. Where do I send my enrollment verification and transcripts?
  18. I already submitted my application, but I want to upload a new version of my resume.