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Programs / HSSD Advisory Council Statement of Purpose 

Hispanic-Serving School Districts Advisory Council

Statement of Purpose


The purpose of the Hispanic-Serving School District (HSSD) Advisory Council is to provide guidance, advice and support to HACU in the following manner:
  • Provide HACU members with orientation, information and appropriate contacts to establish K-16 collaborations;
  • Expand opportunities for students, faculty and staff from member institutions to participate in K-16 collaborations;
  • Help define HACU’s role in facilitating the establishment of K-16 partnerships;
  • Provide potential sources of support for K-16 partnerships;
  • Help inform HACU’s advocacy efforts in Washington, D.C. to secure federal support for the establishment of K-16 partnerships for member institutions and develop an advocacy agenda as it relates to K-12 issues.


The HSSD Advisory Council composition will follow these basic guidelines:
  • Be comprised of 8 to 10 members, representative of our membership including institutions of higher education and school districts;
  • Include at least one member from a government/legislative agency either at the local, state or national level;
  • Include at least one member from a community-based organization that addresses issues in education, policy analysis, or professional development;
  • Nominees to the Council must be selected from among HACU-member institutions and HSSDs, with the exception of the representatives from government agencies and community based organizations;
  • All Council appointments must be approved by HACU’s Governing Board
  • Council members shall be nominated for staggered terms of two years each (Some first year appointees to the Council may be asked to serve for an initial term of three years);
  • A member’s term may be renewed or new members appointed to the Council at the discretion of HACU’s Governing Board in order to avoid seat vacancies from year to year.


  • The Advisory Council will meet quarterly via conference calls and in person during HACU’s Annual Conference and/or Capitol Forum.

Organizational Location

  • Staff support will be provided to the Advisory Council through the Member & Affiliate Services Program under the Membership Department;
  • Council reports and recommendations will be scheduled as part of HACU’s Governing Board meetings taking place during HACU’s Annual Conference and Capitol Forum.