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As a former HACU Student Program participant, you have a world of opportunities to meet, greet, and recruit potential participants. Below is a summary of activities alumni have participated in. This list is merely a menu of possible choices. Any way that you choose to help is greatly appreciated.

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What can you do for HAA?


Let the world know about your internship experience! Host an information session or table session on your campus. We have found the best way to spread the work about HACU is for the alumni to share their stories. For more info on how you can help HNIP recruit interns, please visit send an email to

Mentor Program

HNIP envisions having a database of all HNIP alumni who are willing to act as mentors to current interns. When an intern accepts an internship, we want to be able to provide them with a contact person with whom they talk to regarding what to expect. Who better to do this than those who have gone through the program! Some interns may not want a “mentor”, but someone to contact whom they know has been through the experience of culture shock and dealing with roommates, and may just want some advice from time to time on how to handle certain situations. This process will occur before the start of every summer internship session.

Provide Networking Opportunities

Coordinate networking session, social events, and professional development workshops. If you belong to other professional associations and you have an event that is open to the public, please forward it to us and we'll be happy to share it with current Student Program participants. Please e-mail notices to

Community Service

Many individuals involved are giving back to the community in many different ways. If you need more volunteers, why not recruit HACU interns or other alumni for community service projects. This will broaden their horizons even more.

Assist HNIP staff with orientation activities

Be part of the biggest event held throughout the internship session. Orientation is the one time when all interns are together. This two-day event presents interns with information regarding their housing arrangements, the pay process, as well as professional development workshops and topics current events. There are many ways alumni can take part in this event. Listed below are just a few of them.

  • Be a guest speaker and present a session on a topic you think would be useful for interns to know more about.
  • Be part of a panel of alumni and share your experiences as a HACU intern and how HNIP has helped or is helping you to reach your career goals.
  • Assist HNIP staff with the logistics of orientation, such as greeting interns at the airport or at their housing site or help with registration and making sure everything runs smoothly.