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Member Advisory--July 13, 2005


Congressman Fortuño Amendment on Single Definition


Congressman Fortuño (PR) introduced an amendment today that would allow for a single definition of non-profit and for-profit institutions of higher education within the Higher Education Act (HEA) except for Titles III and V on Developing Institutions and Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs).  The effect of the amendment would be to continue to render proprietary institutions ineligible for Title V HSI funding, as well as funding under Title III, but would allow them to be treated the same as non-profits in all other titles of the HEA.  Since other agencies rely on the definitions within HEA, the amendment might also make for-profit institutions eligible for other government funding for which they are currently not eligible.


While HACU appreciates the Congressman’s effort to protect HSIs and other developing and under-funded institutions from a much-expanded pool of competing institutions, we are on record as opposing the single definition throughout HEA.  The uncertainty about the impact of Fortuño’s amendment on a variety of other Federal grant programs for institutions of higher education only underlines the importance of maintaining a clear distinction between the non-profit and the for-profit sectors of higher education. 


HACU continues to urge Congress to maintain the current distinction and assure that the Federal funding targeted to higher education will continue to be directed to institutions whose primary and sole purpose is serving the educational needs of their students.  While this assurance is especially critical for HSIs and other under-funded institutions who serve the less economically advantaged, it is also important for the entire non-profit sector in higher education.


Please take a moment to email your Congressman and the members of the 21st Century Competitiveness House Subcommittee, listed below with links to their webpages, to let them know your support for continuing the dual definition currently in place and to ask them to support Rep. Betty McCollum’s amendment, which will strike the single definition language from the entire HEA.  HACU members in Puerto Rico are urged to contact Rep. Fortuño to thank him for his effort but to encourage him to maintain the distinct importance of non-profit education as a whole.




Subcommittee on 21st Century Competitiveness
 Members and Jurisdiction
109th Congress
(updated February 2, 2005)

Howard P. "Buck" McKeon, Chairman

(V) 202.225.1956   (F) 202.226.0683

Republicans (18)

Democrats (15)



Jon C. Porter
Vice Chairman

(V) 202.225.3252

(F) 202.225.2185

Dale E. Kildee
Ranking Minority Member

(V) 202.225.3611

(F) 202.225.6393

John A. Boehner 202


(F) 202.225.0704

Donald M. Payne

(V) 202.225.3436

(F) 202.225.4160

Thomas E.  Petri

(V) 202.225.2476

(F) 202.225.2356

Carolyn McCarthy

(V) 202.225.5516

(F) 202.225.5758

Michael N. Castle

(V) 202.225.4165

(F) 202.225.2291

John F. Tierney

(V) 202.225.8020

(F) 202.225.5915

Sam Johnson

(V) 202.225.4201

(F) 202.225.1485

Ron Kind

(V) 202.225.5506

(F) 202.225.5739

Vernon J. Ehlers

(V) 202.225.3831

(F) 202.225.5144

David Wu

(V) 202.225.0855

(F) 202.225.9497

Patrick J. Tiberi

(V) 202.225.5355

(F) 202.226.4523

Rush D. Holt

(V) 202.225.5801

(F) 202.225.6025

Ric Keller

(V) 202.225.2176

(F) 202.225.0999

Betty McCollum

(V) 202.225.6631

(F) 202.225.1968

Tom Osborne

(V) 202.225.6435

(F) 202.226.1385

Chris Van Hollen

(V) 202.225.5341

(F) 202.225.0375

Bob Inglis

(V) 202.225.6030

(F) 202.226.1177

Tim Ryan

(V) 202.225.5261

(F) 202.225.3719

Cathy McMorris

(V) 202.225.2006

(F) 202.225.3392

Robert C. Scott

(V) 202.225.8351

(F) 202.225.8354

Tom Price

(V) 202.225.4501

(F) 202.225.4656

Susan A. Davis

(V) 202.225.2040

(F) 202.225.2948

Luis Fortuño

(V) 202.225.2615

(F) 202.225.2154

Timothy H. Bishop

(V) 202.225.3826

(F) 202.225.3143

Charles W. Boustany

(V) 202.225.2031

(F) 202.225.5724

John Barrow

(V) 202.225.2823

(F) 202.225.3377

Virginia Foxx

(V) 202.225.2071

(F) 202.225.2995

Major Owens

(V) 202.225.6231

(F) 202.226.0112

Thelma D. Drake

(V) 202.225.4215

(F) 202.225.4218

George Miller, ex officio

(V) 202.225.2095

(F) 202.225.5609

John R. "Randy" Kuhl

(V) 202.225.3161

(F) 202.226.6599