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Member Advisory--April 11, 2007

“Immigration and the Future of the Nation”

The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) continues advocating for the passage of comprehensive immigration reform legislation that accounts for the national work force development needs and treats gainfully employed immigrants with dignity. One of the main components of immigration reform legislation is the DREAM Act (HR 1275 and S 774). HACU strongly supports the passage of this legislation that would allow youth that have lived in the U.S. for at least five years, graduated from high school, and have a clean record, to pay state-resident college fees and be considered for financial aid. The DREAM Act is a wise investment in America’s future prosperity.

The HACU Governing Board unanimously approved a policy statement on “Immigration and the Future of the Nation” at its regular meeting of March 25, 2007. HACU is urging its members and supporters to e-mail, fax, or call their Members of Congress in their respective congressional districts and states as soon as possible to support the DREAM Act. Member of Congress contact information is available at and To facilitate your participation, attached is a sample letter that may be used or modified as needed. Please also copy our Government Relations Office via fax (202-261-5082) or e-mail (

We all need to speed up efforts to pass comprehensive immigration legislation, especially the DREAM Act, before Congress goes on break early August. “HACU is committed to advocating for this legislation to become law in 2007,” said Antonio Flores, president and CEO of HACU, as the HACU Governing Board endorsed the corresponding policy statement on behalf of the Association’s nearly 450 member institutions.