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Member Advisory—May 7, 2007

HACU Meets with Department of Education to Receive Timeline for Announcement of FY 2007 Title V - Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions Grants

HACU’s staff from the Washington, D.C., office met with officials at the Department of Education’s Office last week to get an update on the Title V – “Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions Program” application process for FY 2007. Several HACU members have expressed concern about the delay in announcing the competition for Title V awards. By comparison the FY 2006 application deadline had already passed by this time. 

Based on the meeting, HACU was able to learn the following information:

  • The grant announcement is currently in the Department of Education’s Office of General Counsel for final clearance.
  • That clearance is expected in the very near future and the Title V announcement is expected to be published in the Federal Register by the end of May 2007.
  • There will be a 45 day period for institutions deemed eligible for Title V funding to submit their proposals to the Department of Education. This would place the application deadline in mid-July 2007. 
  • The appropriation for this FY is $94.914 and all of the funds, for existing and new grantees, will be obligated by September 30, 2007. 
  • Information on Title V Web page (
  • Information on the Office of Civil Rights Web page (

In addition, HACU will have a follow up meeting with the Department of Education to discuss in more detail concerns about the information available to the general public and to help our members better understand the administrative process for the management of the Title V program. Some of the specific areas to be discussed include:

  • Enhancing HSI understanding of the Title V process
  • Annual timelines for announcement of awards
  • Technical assistance workshops: timing and location

HACU will keep you informed of any new information we receive regarding the Title V application process.

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