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HACU National Internship Program / Professional Development 

Professional Development

The HACU National Internship Program facilitates professional development in two important ways.

1. An internship position itself creates daily experiences through which students can learn more about their particular field. In a classroom, an engineering student may learn all there is to know about hydromechanics, but applying that knowledge to real world situations, he or she will be able to better understand the value that his or her learned theories have to working civil engineers, mechanical engineers, urban planners, etc.

"The biggest lesson I can take away from my internship is the hands-on experience" - 2013 Intern

2. The HACU National Internship Program also gives interns countless opportunities to attend networking events, federal job fairs, and Congressional breakfasts. At no personal expense, interns are free to attend as many or as few of these events as they wish. In any case, participating in the HACU National Internship Program is sure to be a life-changing experience that can stimulate both personal and professional growth and set the course of your life!

"The biggest lesson was making connections and networking. I met some very helpful people that helped to guide me through my internship and beyond. Ultimately, the connections I made through HACU influenced my current career choice and aspirations." - 2013 Intern

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