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Because of the contributions of our sponsors and donors, HACU is accomplishing much more as the “Voice” for colleges and universities that enroll over 1 million Hispanic higher education students! Your support will empower HACU to better deliver its programs, services, and enhance Hispanic students' academic success for many years to come.
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Why support HACU?

HACU is the nation's only organized voice for Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) and Hispanic students in higher education. HSIs are colleges and universities where total Hispanic student enrollment constitutes a minimum of 25% of the total enrollment. HACU-Member Colleges and Universities enroll over 65% of all Hispanics at colleges and universities today.

What makes HACU unique?

HACU takes a holistic approach to addressing critical issues in Hispanic higher education:

The Nation's Only Organized Voice for HSIs in Washington

HACU has proven a strong national voice on issues that address the importance of educating public and policy makers about increased and better targeted funding for Hispanics in higher education. HACU's Office of Government Relations keeps our membership abreast through action alerts, provides assistance and outreach to HSIs on available federal program grants, and hosts an annual HACU Capitol Forum that brings together the leaders of our membership and Congress.

HNIP - Nation's Largest Internship Program for Hispanic Students

For more than ten years, the nation's largest internship program for Hispanic students known as HACU National Internship Program (HNIP), has placed almost 6,000 talented college students who have demonstrated high levels of academic performance in paid internships with federal agencies and corporations throughout the United States. HACU member institutions are committed to working with partners who are seeking to reach out and diversify their workforces. Students taking advantage of this program give themselves an opportunity to share professional, educational, and intellectual experiences. Visit for more information.

Early Awareness Programs

HACU's Middle School College Preparation and Financial Aid Awareness Program is a continuing program that seeks to inform middle school students and their parents about early preparation for college and financial aid processes by working with HACU member institutions.

Proyecto Science is HACU's continuing programmatic effort to refine a model of a highly successful pre-collegiate math and science preparation program that encourages students to pursue degrees in the natural sciences.

Faculty Development Programs

HACU Faculty Development Programs train faculty for effective grant writing and grant management, and provides research and training opportunities

National and International Conferences focusing on Hispanic higher education issues
The HACU National Conference, Annual Capitol Forum, and International Conference provide a medium for information sharing of addressing critical issues and best practices in the Hispanic higher education community. For more information about our conferences, visit HACU Conference & Events.