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HACU Member Advisory--June 13, 2005


HACU increases FY 2006 funding for HSIs under Title VIII of the Farm Bill


HACU has won an increase of $855,000 for the HSI grant program under the Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration and Related Agencies House appropriations bill for FY 2006.  Through an amendment introduced by Representatives Baca and Hinojosa, the appropriations level in the House version of the Farm Bill for FY 2006 increased to $6.5 million for competitive grants for HSIs under Title VIII.


The House unanimously adopted the Baca/Hinojosa Amendment to the Farm Bill for FY 2006, which increases appropriations dollars for the HSI grants program $855,000.00 beyond the $5.645 million recommended by the Administration.  The HSI competitive grants program provides HSIs with resources to enhance research and outreach capacity in agriculture-related fields and strengthens the ability of HSIs to carry out education programs that attract, retain, and graduate outstanding students capable of enhancing the Nation’s food and agriculture, scientific, and professional work force.  Since the program was established by Congress in 1997, 107 HSIs have received an average of $150,000 per grant.


HACU will now encourage the U.S. Senate appropriations subcommittee on Agriculture, Rural Development and Related Agencies not only to sustain the $6.5 million approved by the House, but to increase the funding to $20 million for the HSI competitive grants program under Title VIII of Farm Bill.


Next year HACU will be working with Congress to reauthorize the Farm Bill.


The director for the USDA HSI Grants program is scheduled to attend HACU’s 19th Annual Conference in October in Phoenix, Arizona, to provide information on the development of proposals for the FY 2006 grants program.  Online registration for the Annual Conference is available at


HACU’s membership is encouraged to send a letter of thanks and appreciation to Representatives Baca and Hinojosa for introducing the amendment and to Representative Bonilla, Chair of the Agriculture appropriations committee, for his support in the adoption of the amendment by the House.


HACU will continue to provide updates on this and other legislation of importance to the Hispanic higher education community via HACU Member Advisories and


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