September 11, 2023

National Hispanic-Serving Institutions Week recognized by the White House

Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) across the country are being recognized this week by President Biden, during National Hispanic-Serving Institutions Week.

On September 8, the White House issued a proclamation designating September 11-17, 2023, as National Hispanic-Serving Institutions Week. To read the full proclamation, click here.

"Education beyond high school should be a ticket to the middle class — and across our Nation, more than 500 Hispanic-Serving Institutions have helped to make that promise real, opening the doors of opportunity a bit wider for generations of Hispanic college students. During National Hispanic-Serving Institutions Week, we celebrate their important work," states President Biden in the proclamation.

Each year, Hispanic-Serving Institutions from around the country celebrate HSIs Week with activities on their campus.

"Today’s students are part of the most talented, resilient, and diverse generation in our history. But while creativity and work ethic are abundant, not everyone has an equal shot yet. That is why Hispanic-Serving Institutions are so essential. Two-thirds of all Hispanic college students in America attend one; they provide a quality education and empower underserved students — including Dreamers and first-generation college students — to earn degrees and build better lives for their families." 

In 1992, HACU led the effort to convince Congress to formally recognize campuses with high Hispanic enrollment as federally designated HSIs and to begin targeting federal appropriations to those campuses. (Click here for more information about the differences between HACU's definition of HSIs and the federal definition of HSIs under Title V of the Higher Education Act.)

Congress first formally recognized campuses with high Hispanic enrollment as federally designated HSIs in 1992, and in 1995 HSIs received the initial federal appropriations.

Below are some links to additional information about HSIs:

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Celebrate the role HSIs play in improving access to education and advancing equity for historically underserved students. Tag @HACUnews in social media and use hashtag #HSIsWeek.