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Pictured from left to right: HACU Fellows Dr. Janice Chavez and Dr. Lourdes Oroza; HACU mentor Dr. Ricardo Fernandez

Application Procedures

Application packets for the HACU Leadership Fellows Program are mailed to the presidents of all HACU-Member Hispanic-Serving Institutions and Associate member institutions, as well as HACU Faculty and Staff Caucus at HACU-Member and Partner Institutions, in mid January.


The HACU Leadership Fellows Program is open to persons who are Hispanic, currently or previously have worked at or attended a Hispanic-Serving Institution, and demonstrate strong ability and potential to rise to a high-level position at an HSI. Most successful candidates will have attained the level of Dean, Department Chair, or other comparable position and aspire to lead a college or university as President, Vice President, Provost, or other senior-level institutional leader.

Each prospective Fellow must be nominated by the President or CEO of his or her own institution. Only one person per year may be nominated by the president of the institution. By submitting a nomination, the institution agrees to provide the applicant with the necessary release time and support for participation in the program. The Fellowship is one academic year. Fellows must commit to participate in all of the scheduled seminars, meetings, and Mentor/Fellow activities.

Letters of Recommendation
Applications to the HACU Leadership Fellows Program require two letters of recommendation from a supervisor or colleague who can comment on the applicant’s current talent and responsibilities and future leadership potential. Complete letters of recommendation include both a signed cover sheet and the separate letter of recommendation.

The HACU Leadership Fellows Program begins accepting applications in early March. Early submissions are encouraged. Before filling out the application, the nominator and the candidate should meet to discuss the parameters of the program and have preliminary discussions about a possible Learning Plan focus for the Fellow. Each applicant should propose a framework for an individualized study program of his or her own design to achieve specific leadership goals. This plan will be finalized if the Fellow is selected as a member of the Fellowship class. The application must also include a current curriculum vitae.

Selection Process
Fellows will be selected by a selection committee of nationally-known higher education leaders. The criteria used for selection includes the applicant’s potential impact on his or her institution, the extent to which the applicant’s proposed Learning Plan will contribute to his or her professional growth, the qualifications of the applicant, the strength of his or her essays and recommendations, and any publications, honors/awards, or memberships earned.

Learning Plan
The Learning Plan Prospectus outlines a Fellow's specific learning goals and objectives during the Fellowship year, as well as measures for determining success. Fellows should consider the new professional and personal skills and knowledge they will need to develop to help them achieve their goals. A Fellow's proposed objectives and activities will help the program organizers to match him or her with a Mentor president from another higher education institution.

Application Deadline and Important Dates for 2006
Application Packets Released TBD
Applications Due TBD
Admitted Fellows Notified TBD
August Summer Institute and Orientation TBD

Program Costs
Unlike other higher education leadership programs, participants in the HACU Leadership Fellows Program incur no monetary cost to their home institution. Travel and meeting expenses for Fellows and Mentors will be covered through participation in the program.

More Information:
For more information about the HACU Leadership Fellows Program,
contact: Marie E. Arias, Director of Leadership Development, at (210) 576-3217
or by email.