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Corporate and Philanthropic Council

“Considering that a core principle of the founding and mission of HACU is to foster partnerships between member institutions and business and industry, a Corporate and Philanthropic Council of 30 members is established as an ongoing Advisory Group.” (HACU Bylaws, Article IV)

According to the HACU Corporate and Philanthropic Council Guidelines (August 25, 1999), the purpose of the Council is: “To provide advice and assistance to HACU’s President, development division and public affairs office so that the association’s mission, programs, events and strategic plans are supported, advanced and realized. Specifically, council members will:

  1. Provide and facilitate financial support and/or develop revenue generation capability to strengthen and diversify HACU’s financial position;
  2. Actively coordinate the creation and sustainment of enduring partnerships between HACU and corporations, businesses, foundations, Hispanic employee associations, influential business leaders and philanthropists, and
  3. Provide advice and counsel, both as a group and individually, to HACU’s President and senior staff to enhance HACU’s public image and credibility with the business and philanthropic community and other leaders at local and national levels."

Current Members (2020)

Joe Mella, Chair
Vice President
Finance Division 
Goldman Sachs

Michael Nettles
Senior Vice President
Policy Evaluation and Research
Educational Testing Service

Jorge Caballero, Vice Chair
Senior Partner - Retired
Deloitte Tax LLP

David Ortiz
Diversity & Inclusion Strategist
Disability Inclusion Program Manager

Chinwe Abara
Program Manager,
Global Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

Raul Villarreal
Area Manager
General Motors

Tony Beall
Sanford Institute of Philanthropy at
National University System

Peter Villegas
Vice President
Office of Latin Affairs
The Coca-Cola Company

Marcus Cole
Future Housing Leaders Program
Fannie Mae

Luke Visconti
Founder and Chairman

Laura Marquez
Global Lead
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy