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La Academia will include three seminars and five webinars which will be interspersed throughout a one-year period.

Seminar One will be a week-long comprehensive experience that will provide an intensive treatment of a wide-range of topics and concerns with which college and university leaders will have to contend today and into the future.  It will be coordinated with the activities of the HACU Annual Conference and will set the stage for other planned learning opportunities that will follow.

Seminar Two will be a five-day experience that will be coordinated with the HACU Capitol Forum.  Its focus will be on advocacy, legislative initiatives and career path and job market dynamics for college and university CEOs. 

Seminar Three will be a five-day experience, and it will occur in an international setting.  Its focus will be on the issues and concerns with which international higher education institutions are having to contend, and it will provide ample opportunity to network with international colleagues. The international seminar will conclude with a special ceremony to recognize Fellows with a certificate of completion.

Five Webinars will be integrated throughout the program on the following topics:  1) Program Orientation, 2) Governance, 3) Strategic Planning, 4) Fundraising, and 5) Social Media.