Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU)

National Member Benefits

(U.S. and Puerto Rico)


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Governmental Relations. HACU is the voice for Hispanic higher education on Capitol Hill. Our advocacy work is instrumental in securing new and continued funding for infrastructure, program and student support for member colleges and universities. HACU’s annual Capitol Forum provides an opportunity to learn more about legislative issues and provides additional ways to impact legislation affecting Hispanic higher education by providing direct access to Congressional leaders.

The Voice. Membership includes a subscription to HACU’s informative newsletter, The Voice. Keep abreast of HACU’s efforts on behalf of Hispanic students in the United States, Puerto Rico, Latin America and Spain. Member discounts to advertise in The Voice are available. Current and past issues are accessible on HACU’s website at www.hacu.net under HACU News.

HACU Membership Directory. HACU members receive a copy of the HACU Membership Directory. This invaluable resource provides address information for staff and faculty contacts at all of HACU’s member colleges and universities. The directory also includes total enrollment statistics, Hispanic enrollment statistics for national members, and international members’ top three program offerings.

Conferences and Events. HACU members receive discounted conference and event registration rates. HACU’s conferences highlight best practices, generate new ideas, attract renowned speakers and provide unparalleled networking opportunities. Faculty and Staff Affiliate members receive an additional discount off the already discounted member registration rate.

Professional and Institutional Development. HACU manages several projects to develop the next generation of leaders and provide cutting-edge technology support to our member institutions.  These programs enable our members to further their knowledge in their area of expertise, discover new ways to increase funding for their institution, and develop their leadership skills. HACU also facilitates individual member requests for guidance, information and support. One of the ways HACU supports members is through our new webinar series that provide members with up-to-date best practices on how to improve higher education for Hispanic students. Take a look at our first webinar here

Member Advisories and Action Alerts. Action alerts and member advisories update members on important developments in U.S. public policy affecting Hispanic higher education, the latest legislative developments, and funding opportunities.

International Exchange Opportunities. Conferences and events provide a unique opportunity for national and international members to meet and discover potential areas of collaboration. HACU’s Office of International Programs stands ready to facilitate these discussions.

Student Internships. HACU’s National Internship Program places over 600 students a year in paid federal and corporate internships providing a fantastic professional development tool for students.

Student Scholarships. Academic and conference scholarships are available for students attending HACU-member institutions. Annual Conference scholarship recipients and member-sponsored Student Ambassadors participate in the conference Student Track.

Publicity. The Voice, HACU’s Annual Report, Membership Directory, Conference Programs, and Web site, are just a few of the opportunities HACU provides to promote our member colleges and universities.  HACU members also have the opportunity to be “featured members” on HACU’s Web site homepage.

Advertising Opportunities. Members receive discounted rates on all online and printed ads with HACU. HACU’s Web site receives over 180,000 hits per month from member institutions, corporations, federal agencies and individuals interested in Hispanic higher education. The Voice is widely distributed to HACU members, other organizations working with HACU and outside subscribers.

Merchandise Purchases. Members receive a discount on all purchases.  Orders for additional copies of The Voice, the HACU Membership Directory or HACU’s mailing list may be placed using the Merchandise Order Form on HACU’s website.

HACU Governance. HSI, Associate, International and school district members are represented on HACU’s Governing Board through elected and appointed representatives.  HSIs are considered part of HACU’s voting membership and may participate in the Annual Business Meeting. Associate members are represented at the Annual Business Meeting by elected regional representatives. Associate regional representatives are elected every two years at the Annual Associate Membership Meeting.  Members benefit from all rights and privileges as described in HACU's bylaws, and may visit HACU’s website or contact HACU at (210) 576-3214 or ibosquez@hacu.net for a copy of the bylaws.