Goal: To foster the development of Hispanic leadership on a variety of levels:



La Academia de Liderazgo/Leadership Academy

La Academia de Liderazgo/ Leadership Academy is a one-year program designed to prepare the next generation of culturally diverse leaders for the ranks of executive and senior-level positions at institutions of higher learning.  Click here to retrieve the program brochure.  The program was created with the explicit purpose of increasing the number of talented individuals who will serve as presidents and chancellors of

Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) and Emerging HSIs.  Fellows selected for the program participate in an array of leadership development activities that prepare them for leadership roles in the full spectrum of higher education institutions, but with a special focus on HSIs and Emerging HSIs. Applications and nominations to the program will be accepted each spring. 

Minimum participant selection requirements are:

  • Professional Experience: At least 10 years of full-time higher education experience.

  • Educational Background: Completion of at least a master’s degree.

  • Supervisory Experience: Currently serving in a director or higher supervisory position or 6 years of of previous supervisor experience.


Please click here to download the application and follow all completion and submission instructions.  Application deadline is now extended until Friday, June 14,2024.

Annual Deans’ Forum on Hispanic Higher Education

The Annual Deans’ Forum on Hispanic Higher Education is an outstanding, half-day experience for faculty and staff who are currently serving in the role as a Dean or aspire to serve in this role at some point in their career.  The Deans’ Forum focuses on bringing diverse perspectives from renowned speakers who have hands on experience in implementing innovative and creative practices in educating Hispanic and other underrepresented minorities. Participants will engage in dialogue with our panel of experts and network and learn from each other. This event is a 1/2 day pre conference event which occurs immediately after the HACU Annual Conference has concluded.  Please go to annual conference web page for registration instructions.

Enlace Mid-Level Leadership Program

The Enlace Mid-Level Leadership Program is a six-month leadership development program for college and university professional personnel who are serving around the mid-level of their organizations.  Click here to retrieve the program brochure.  Mid-level leaders are defined as academic or non-academic support personnel within the structure of higher education organizations.  Examples include academic chairs and directors, student support directors, coordinators, and team leaders with current supervisor responsibilities.  This program is part of HACU's effort to execute its strategy to increase the number, variety, and quality of leadership development programs for our institutional members.    The program will be offered one time each year and will begin in October during the HACU Annual Conference and conclude in April during the Capital Forum.  Topics covered during the program include academic and student affairs management, regional institutional accreditation, diversity, equity, and inclusion, higher education advocacy, and personal interaction with our professional search firm partners.  

Minimum participant selection requirements are:

  • Professional Experience: At least 5 years of full-time higher education experience.

  • Educational Background: Completion of at least a bachelor’s degree.

  • Supervisory Experience: Currently serving in a supervisory position or 2 years of of previous supervisor experience.


Please click here to download the application and follow all completion and submission instructions.  Application deadline is now extended until Friday, June 14,2024.

Annual Women’s Leadership Symposium

The Annual Women’s Leadership Symposium is an action packed, half-day event for women higher education professionals at all levels. This opportunity will help women explore, dialogue, and learn from other women in executive leadership positions on topics related to successfully navigating the higher education work environment, building a strategic network, and becoming better prepared to assume executive roles in education or any other career field. The symposium will focus on women’s intersecting identities, unique challenges, and the need to build supportive structures within the professional working environment using the following as a thematic discussion framework:  (1) Celebrants-Celebrating our unique experiences. (2) Valiente-Building strength and authenticity. (3) Navegando-Navigating organizational climate and culture. (4) Conexión-Importance of relationships, mentorships, and networking. (5) Consejos-Wisdom and advice from women leaders. Participants will engage with seasoned education administrators and expert practitioners to facilitate a well-rounded and life-changing experience.  Please go to annual conference web page for registration instructions.

Latino Higher Education Leadership Institute

The Latino Higher Education Leadership Institute, is a dynamic, half-day forum for faculty, staff, and administrators at any stage of their careers, will focus on strategies for moving up the faculty and administrative ladders in higher education. Expert presenters and breakout sessions will explore essential topics in more depth.  The day concludes with a panel comprised of top Latina/o presidents. This event is a 1/2 day pre-conference event which occurs just before the HACU Annual Conference begins.  Please go to annual conference web page for registration instructions.


Thousands of students benefit from HACU’s internships, scholarships, and career and leadership development opportunities and programs each year. These types of opportunities often serve as a stepping stone to help prepare students for their academic and professional journey. Take a look at our offerings below to find the programs best suited for you in your college and career journey! 

HACU National Internship Program 

Founded in 1992, the HACU National Internship Program (HNIP) is year-round paid internship program for all majors. Partnering with corporate and federal entities, the HNIP offers internship opportunities that aim to prepare the next generation of leaders, bridging the gap between academics and real-world experience. Through the HNIP, every internship unfolds as a journey of discovery, growth, and empowerment.

HACU ScholarshipProgram 

This annual program awards academic scholars to students attending HACU-member institutions. These scholarships can help students cover the cost of tuition, fees, books, and other expenses (varies by scholarship). We encourage all students to apply for our scholarships, regardless of immigration status. This includes international students and undocumented students, including those with DACA or TPS. While some scholarships may have specific citizenship requirements, our application system will match you with scholarships you are eligible for based on your profile.

HACU ¡Adelante! Leadership Institute

HACU's ¡Adelante! Leadership Institute bring together over 700 undergraduate students to HACU’s Annual Conference. This three-day career leadership & development networking symposium is designed to build the career and leadership skills of undergraduate students.  Students can apply for sponsorship to attend the ¡Adelante! Leadership Institute or they can encourage your college or university to sponsor your participation.

International Conference - Student Track

The Office of International Affairs provides special services both for HACU's International Members and for U.S. members in their international relations.  These services include the biennial International Conference, the international plenary and workshop track at the Annual Conference, opportunities for networking and developing joint international programs, and liaison with other international education organizations. Learn more about our 2024 International Student Track, here. 

Emerging Leaders' Summit 

Our Emerging Leaders' Summits, presented in a dynamic hybrid format, combine regional in-person and virtual sessions. These summits are designed for students from HACU-member institutions to strengthen their leadership development and career readiness.

Leader-in-Residence Program 

The HACU Leaders-in-Residence is a prestigious program that provides leadership and career development training for students at HACU-member institutions. This is an 8-month program where 50 students from HACU’s network will have the unique opportunity to serve as ambassadors, promoting HACU programs and advocacy efforts. Selected students will participate in leadership and career development opportunities throughout the duration of the program and receive a sponsorship to participate in HACU’s annual ¡Adelante! Leadership Institute.

Voces Nuevas Program 

Voces Nuevas Program (translated in English to New Voices) is a student advocacy and leadership pilot program designed to elevate, uplift, and empower undergraduate students’ voices and experiences. Through the Voces Nuevas Program, students will be equipped with advocacy and leadership skills through online training modules, guest presentations, and the opportunity to attend HACU’s annual National Capitol Forum in Washington, D.C.

Sponsored Student Programs 

HACU’s sponsored student programs provide students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of HACU partners. These programs typically provide students with the opportunity to learn about the culture, expectations, and opportunities available within the sponsoring organization. Other programs provide students with either an award or scholarship. Below is a list of our current sponsored student programs: