HACU e-Newsletter Publication Schedule

The HACU e-Newsletter is published monthly. Each issue includes HACU News, grant announcements, and Hispanic higher education research/references and opportunities.  

HACU accepts submissions for the announcements section related to grant applications and scholarships for consideration. As space is limited, generally only calls for proposals and/or free workshops are accepted for conference-related posts.

For all other announcements, HACU offers advertising opportunities in its national magazine and printed conference programs. HACU's ProTalento jobs is available at jobs.hacu.net

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e-Newsletter Issues and deadlines 


Distribution date/ Deadline for Text 

April 13      Text due by: April 6
May 4          Text due by: April 27
June 8        Text due by: June 1
July 13        Text due by: July 6
Aug. 24        Text due by: Aug. 17
Sept. 14        Text due by: Sept. 7
Oct. 5         Text due by: Sept. 28
Nov. 2          Text due by: Oct. 19
Dec. 7          Text due by: Nov. 30