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As of March 9, 2021




Acosta-Aguilar, Veronica J. Director of Human Resources Human Resources
Barrera, Kathryn Director of Development Development & Marketing
Bird, Lourdes International Affairs Coordinator Programs, Services and International Affairs
Bósquez, Imelda Executive Assistant to the President President's Office
Chavez, Melissa Senior Office Manager President's Office
de Hoyos, Christopher Assistant Director of Communications & Social Media  Communications
Decerega, Reynaldo Assistant VP HNIP & Federal Relations HNIP
Diaz, Alicia Executive Director of Legislative Affairs Government Relations
España, Noé Administrative/Legislative Assistant California Office 
Flores, Antonio, Ph.D. President & CEO President's Office
Gonzales, Mary Beth Project/Finance Coordinator Administration & Finance
Gonzalez, Magda Chief Financial Officer Administration & Finance
Gonzalez, Mario Assistant Director of Student Services Student Services
Guerrero, Noel Director of HNIP Operations
Guerrero, Tito, Ph.D. Director of Leadership Academy President's Office
Holt, Sandra Chief Development & Marketing Officer Development & Marketing
Kennison, Silvia Executive Director of Conferences Conferences & Events
King, Ebony Student Services Manager Student Services
Levine-Reagin, Amy Member Services Coordinator Member Services
Martin, Darlene Conference Coordinator Conferences & Events
Martínez, Alicia Interim Senior Vice President for Programs and Operations Programs, Services & International Affairs
Melano, Ben Executive Director of Legislative Affairs Government Relations
Moder, John, Ph.D. Senior Consultant for STEM Programming
President's Office
Montez, Richard Director of Member Services Member Services
Morales, Jeanette Executive Director of Student & PK-12 Services Member Services
Olivares, Victor Development Coordinator Development & Marketing
Perdomo, Rebecca, Ph.D.  Director of Policy Analysis & Information Policy Analysis & Information
Perez, Lucy Office Assistant/Receptionist President's Office
Revilla-Garcia, Norma Jean Executive Director of Communications and Marketing Communications 
Rodriguez, Eva HNIP Finance Director Administration & Finance
Rodriguez, Lena, Ph.D. Senior Vice President for Policy and Government Relations Government Relations
Rodriguez, Vanessa Finance Coordinator Administration & Finance
Romero, Erica Assistant Vice President for State Advocacy California Office 
Saavedra, Violet Administrative Assistant  HNIP
Vasquez, Olivia Administrative Assistant Conferences & Events
Webber, Gloria V. Programs Administrative Assistant Student Services
Webster-Johnson, Chante Program Manager of Internships HNIP