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As of July 8, 2020




Acosta-Aguilar, Veronica J. Director of Human Resources Human Resources
Aguilar, John Executive Director of Legislative Affairs Government Relations
Barrera, Kathryn Director of Development Development & Marketing
Bird, Lourdes International Affairs Coordinator Programs, Services and International Affairs
Bósquez, Imelda Executive Assistant to the President President's Office
de Hoyos, Christopher Assistant Director of Communications & Social Media  Communications
Decerega, Reynaldo Assistant VP HNIP & Federal Relations HNIP
Diaz, Alicia Interim Chief Advocacy Officer Government Relations
Flores, Antonio, Ph.D. President & CEO President's Office
Gonzales, Mary Beth Project/Finance Coordinator Administration & Finance
Gonzalez, Magda Chief Financial Officer Administration & Finance
Gonzalez, Mario Assistant Director of Student Services Student Services
Guerrero, Noel Director of HNIP Operations
Guerrero, Tito, Ph.D. Director of Leadership Academy President's Office
Holt, Sandra Chief Development & Marketing Officer Development & Marketing
Huggins, Charnelle HNIP Program Manager of Internships
Kennison, Silvia Executive Director of Conferences Conferences & Events
King, Ebony Student Services Manager Student Services
Levine-Reagin, Amy Member Services Coordinator Member Services
Mansbach, Steven Associate Director of Information Technology Information Technology
Martin, Darlene Conference Coordinator Conferences & Events
Martínez, Alicia Asst. VP for Programs, Services & International Affairs Programs, Services & International Affairs
Montez, Richard Director of Member Services Member Services
Morales, Jeanette Executive Director of Student & PK-12 Services Member Services
Nunez, Jennifer Senior Office Manager President's Office
Olivares, Victor Development Coordinator Development & Marketing
Ortiz, David, Ph.D. Senior Vice President of Operations
President's Office
Perez, Lucy Office Assistant/Receptionist President's Office
Revilla-Garcia, Norma Jean Executive Director of Communications and Marketing Communications 
Rivera, Liz Program Coordinator of Internships  HNIP 
Rodriguez, Eva HNIP Finance Director Administration & Finance
Rodriguez, Vanessa Finance Coordinator Administration & Finance
Romero, Erica Assistant VP for State Advocacy California Office 
Saavedra, Violet Administrative Assistant  HNIP
Vasquez, Olivia Administrative Assistant Conferences & Events
Webber, Gloria V. Programs Administrative Assistant Student Services