The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities' Leadership Academy, La Academia de Liderazgo, is a one-year program to prepare the next generation of culturally diverse leaders for executive and senior level positions in higher education. 

La Academia is designed to increase the number of talented individuals who aspire to leadership positions of Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) and Emerging HSIs.  Fellows selected for the program participate in an array of leadership development activities that will not only prepare them for leadership roles in the full spectrum of institutions of higher learning but will especially sensitize and mold them for leadership positions within HSIs and Emerging HSIs.  

There are several features of La Academia de Liderazgo that set it apart from other leadership development programs. The curriculum includes an international component that occurs outside the mainland United States, access to a wide array of current and former leaders in higher education (both within and outside of the United States) who have achieved prominence and high visibility in the field, and a Proyecto Transformativo through which Fellows are able to generate initiatives beneficial to their home institution as well as make important contributions to the knowledge base and practice.

La Academia is a direct response to the declining rate of Hispanic university presidents (from 4.5 percent in 2006 to 3.9 percent in 2016), despite the unprecedented growth of U.S. Hispanic college student enrollment. Soon, if not already, 1 in 5 college students will be Hispanic, yet it is unlikely that many will enroll in a college or university with a Hispanic president.  HACU is committed to reversing this ten-year decline by implementing an innovative academy that sets itself apart from other leadership programs in the following ways:

  • Fellows participate in three week-long face-to-face seminars integrated with HACU’s highly regarded Annual Conference, National Capitol Forum, and International Conference/Experience outside the U.S.
  • The curriculum emphasizes Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) and Emerging HSIs, but provides a holistic approach, including the search process, leadership fundamentals, current critical issues, and international relations.
  • Hybrid content delivery with both in-person sessions and synchronous/asynchronous webinars allows a high degree of flexibility for busy work schedules.
  • More than a dozen nationally recognized current and emeriti presidents and senior-level administrators with 100 plus years of combined experience serve on the faculty.
  • Mentorship with a university president or other senior administrator is a key component, as is the development of a special project designed to have an impact at the Fellow’s current institution.


Minimum participant selection requirements are:

  • Professional Experience: At least 10 years of full-time higher education experience.
  • Educational Background: Completion of at least a master’s degree.
  • Supervisory Experience: Currently serving in a director or higher supervisory position or 6 years of of previous supervisor experience.


We invite you to become a member of La Academia’s next class and take this opportunity to benefit from (and contribute to) an expanded pool of qualified and diverse presidential prospects. Please click here download and the application.  Application deadline is now extended until Friday, June 14,2024.

**A limited number of scholarships are available for this program.  Please state in the email if you wish to be considered for a scholarship when you send in the application materials.