HACU Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions

1.  I forgot my user ID and password. How can I access this information?

Your user ID is your email address. Select this link and enter your user ID, then select Login. Your password will be emailed to you.

2.  Where can I print an enrollment verification form and financial aid release form?

These forms are accessible online before you submit your application. If you have already submitted your application online, then you can choose these links: verification form, financial aid release form.

3A.  To what address do I mail my transcript and enrollment verification form?

Scholarship finalists can mail their supporting documents to the following address:                                                                           

HACU Scholarship Program
4801 NW Loop 410, Suite 701
San Antonio, TX 78229

3B.  May I submit an electronic transcript and enrollment verification if my school provides them?

Yes, scholarship finalists can e-mail their supporting documents to scholarship@hacu.net. Include your name and school ID# on the e-mail. 

4.  What do I do with my financial aid release form?

You file this form with your financial aid office. You do not need to mail this document to HACU.

5.  Are high school students eligible?

HACU scholarships are available to students currently attending a HACU member institution, which means high school students are not eligible.

6.  Do I have to be Hispanic or Latina/o to apply for a HACU scholarship?


7.  If I do not attend a HACU member institution, am I eligible for a HACU scholarship?

No. HACU scholarships are for students attending a HACU member institution (for an up-to-date listing, refer to the link on the scholarships page).

8.  How can my school become a member of HACU?

Please refer your school personnel to the HACU Membership page on our website by clicking here. This page provides information on how your school can join and details about our membership categories, dues and benefits. You can personally deliver a membership information packet to your college or university president. To request a HACU membership information packet, please email your name and mailing address to our Membership Department at memberinfo@hacu.net.

9.  The scholarship I want to apply for is not on my scholarship selection page, why not?

If you were not matched to a scholarship, then you are not eligible for that award. Based on the information you enter, the online application will automatically match you to the scholarship(s) for which you are eligible. Please review the specific scholarship criteria at www.hacu.net/scholarships.

10.  When will I be notified if I was selected for a HACU scholarship?

We will email notification to scholarship recipients in late August or early September. 

11.  How are scholarship funds disbursed, and how can I use my scholarship funds?

If you are awarded a scholarship, we will mail funds directly to your financial aid office. These funds can be used for any educational expenses.

12.  How does the scholarship award selection process work?

Once you complete your online application and the deadline has passed, your application is sent to the selected scholarship review committee who will review your application. Once all applications have been reviewed, we will begin selecting finalists and notifying them to submit their supporting documents (official transcripts, enrollment form and letter of recommendations). Once all documents are submitted and reviewed recipients will be selected and notified beginning late August or early September. 

If you are not eligible for a HACU scholarship, please visit our Other Scholarship Resources page by clicking here.