January 25, 2024

HACU and Territorium launch Avanza Initiative to transform student career success in a skills-oriented economy

From recruitment to careers, LifeJourney offers an innovative and future-ready solution to connect learners with careers using verified skills

SAN ANTONIO – The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) has announced a new collaboration initiative called Avanza with edtech provider Territorium to transform the educational and employability landscape for students at colleges and universities.

Through Avanza, HACU-member institutions who join the initiative will receive special member pricing to access Territorium’s LifeJourney platform. LifeJourney provides students with a comprehensive learner record (CLR), a skills-first digital wallet, and AI-powered career pathways with job-matching technology.

“Territorium’s LifeJourney represents the future for preparing students for the workforce,” said HACU President and CEO Antonio R. Flores. “This initiative will empower students with the skills, experiences, and connections needed to succeed in today’s jobs market.”

Key benefits of the Avanza initiative for HACU-member institutions and their students include:

  • Recruitment: Territorium’s LifeJourney shows prospective students how specific degrees, tracks, and courses offered at your institution and the skills they acquire upon completion will directly connect them with a best-fit job.
  • Retention: Territorium’s LifeJourney enhances the student experience using advanced AI that recommends learning experiences offered on your campus and drives greater student engagement and retention.
  • Careers: Territorium’s LifeJourney guides students towards career paths and matches them to best-fit jobs based on what they learn at your institution and recommends learning pathways that help increase their readiness for entering the workforce.

HACU and Territorium invite leadership from member institutions to explore how LifeJourney can benefit their specific campus. Interactive demonstrations showcasing LifeJourney’s capabilities are available by scheduling a session at the following link.

“We look forward to working with HACU and their member institutions. Students gain so many durable skills throughout their entire higher education experience, and our technology helps showcase those skills directly to employers,” said Guillermo Elizondo, CEO of Territorium.

“The Avanza initiative represents an exciting collaboration leveraging innovative technology to transform career preparation and success for students.”

About Territorium
Territorium is a global education technology company that makes learning and skills acquisition more accessible and measurable. Territorium’s solutions enable educators and companies to deliver, test, measure, and record learning and skills acquisition wherever it happens. Territorium is certified by 1EdTech and has supported over 13 million users worldwide. Territorium serves Fortune 100 companies, education service providers, technology organizations, education ministries and systems, K12, post-secondary institutions, and workforce providers. For more information, visit

About HACU
The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities, founded in 1986, represents more than 500 colleges and universities in the United States, Latin America, Spain and school districts throughout the U.S. HACU is the only national association representing existing and emerging Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs). The Association’s headquarters are in San Antonio, Texas, with regional offices in Washington, D.C and Sacramento, California.

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