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October 1, 2010

Statement by HACU President and CEO Antonio R. Flores on Comprehensive Immigration Reform

HACU commends Senators Menendez and Leahy for introducing last Wednesday evening the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2010 (CIR), which incorporates the provisions of the DREAM Act to create pathways to legal status for young people who immigrated as undocumented children with their parents. Under this legislation, attending higher education is a main route for these young “Dreamers” to regularize their status. CIR includes border enforcement, interior enforcement, worksite enforcement, enhancements to the legal immigration system, and legalization of some undocumented individuals that would need to meet a series of stringent criteria, such as those required by the DREAM Act.

As a leading education association, HACU supports CIR. We strongly believe that DREAM Act provisions must be upheld to allow undocumented students the opportunity to continue their education and make their contribution to the future prosperity of America. Recently, HACU led efforts to form the Act on the Dream Coalition to push for the swift passage of the DREAM Act. Whether in the CIR legislation or as stand-alone legislation, the DREAM Act should be passed by Congress as priority legislation after the November elections. Delaying the DREAM Act any further would hinder the tapping of the talent pool represented by the young Dreamers that our country has invested greatly in educating up to this point. It would be counterproductive for America to lose this major national investment.

In the weeks ahead, HACU will be closely examining the new CIR legislation and working with members of Congress on both sides of the aisle, as well as with the Administration, to assure passage of a comprehensive reform bill that includes the DREAM Act and protects the rights of all involved or of the DREAM act legislation by itself.

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