HACU Membership Directory

The HACU Membership Directory consist of active Members and is updated on a daily basis.

Directory Filter Options:
To obtain an alphabetical list of HACU Members in all membership categories, please leave the search box blank and click the "Search" button. To search multiple filter options, please use the shift and control button on your selections for the following filters: state, membership category, level/control and student enrollment.

List of Membership Addresses:
Institutional member addresses may be purchased using HACU’s Member List Order Form (phone numbers and emails are not a part of the purchased list). Faculty and Staff Affiliate addresses are not available for purchase.

*Please contact the Membership Department at memberinfo@hacu.net or at (210) 576-3213 if you have any questions, are having issues updating your membership profile or if you are not listed as a member.

*For Members Only, login to see detailed information on the member institution. (i.e. president, level/control and enrollment figures)

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