Career Certificate Scholarship Program

Google’s mission has always been to build tools that serve everyone.

Grow with Google is an initiative to create economic opportunity for American job seekers and businesses by making helpful products, sharing free tools, and providing skills training.

Career Certificate Scholarships

With this mission in mind, Google has granted 100 Career Certificate Scholarships for HACU to disperse to it's students. See below for information about certificates offered through this initiative and fill out the Career Certificate Scholarship Interest Form here.


Google IT Support Certificate

Learn computer assembly, wireless networking, installing programs, and customer service

You’ll identify problems to troubleshooting and debugging

Use systems including Linux, Domain Name Systems, Command-Line Interface, and Binary Code.

This certificate is offered with an Introductory Level: IT Support Certificate and with an Advanced Level: IT Automation with Python Certificate

Entry-level salary: $50,800*

Computer Support Specialist | IT Manager | Network Administrator | Help Desk Technician

*Burning Glass LaborInsight February 1, 2020 - January 31, 2021



Google UX Design Certificate

You’ll grasp the foundations of UX design and research

Create low-fidelity designs and wireframes, design high-fidelity prototypes, and understand how to iterate designs by testing.

Work with industry standard design and prototyping tools such as Adobe XD and Figma 

Entry-level salary: $58,600*

User Experience (UI / UX) Designer | Product Designer | Web Designer | Industrial Designer 

*Burning Glass LaborInsight February 1, 2020 - January 31, 2021



Google Data Analytics Certificate

You’ll develop confidence navigating the data lifecycle using tools and platforms to process, analyze, visualize and gain insights

Use spreadsheets, SQL, presentation tools, Tableau, RStudio, and Kaggle. 

Entry-level salary: $67,900*

Data Analyst | Business Analyst | Database Administrator | Operations Analyst | Research Analyst

*Burning Glass LaborInsight February 1, 2020 - January 31, 2021



Google Project Management Certificate

You’ll learn the foundations of traditional project management and agile principles while applying these methodologies to real world scenarios.

Develop a toolbox of templates and artifacts to show they understand how to manage an array of scenarios as well as essential elements (managing the schedule, budget, and team, as well as setting proper tasks and requirements). 

Entry-level salary: $59,000* 

Program Manager | Operations Manager | Administrative Manager | Project Coordinator

*Burning Glass LaborInsight February 1, 2020 - January 31, 2021


Are you ready to enroll into a Google Career Certificate Course? If so, fill out the Career Certificate Scholarship Interest Form here.

For any questions regarding the Grow with Google Career Certificate Scholarship Program, please contact Dr. Dianey Leal at