HACU ¡Adelante! Leadership Institute (Student Track)

For Corporate, Federal, and Nonprofit Sponsors

The HACU ¡Adelante Leadership Institute will host over 500 students at its 36th Annual Conference. If you wish to sponsor students to participate in HACU’s 36th ¡Adelante! Leadership Institute, HACU staff can assist you in the selection process as an ¡Adelante! Leadership Institute Scholar sponsor, the following benefits are available:

  • HACU staff identifies Sponsored Scholars based on specific criteria* requested by the sponsoring organization, selected Sponsored Scholars are identified with the sponsoring organizations’ name on the students’ profile. 
  • Sponsors can interact with selected scholars during the virtual event to discuss internship and employment opportunities.
  • Selected Sponsored Scholars can help strengthen relationships at institutions they represent for future recruitment and outreach initiatives.

*Eligibility of criteria may include academic major, student classification, and geographic location (local or national). A sponsorship agreement will be required and must be signed and in place by date will be announced soon. 

Sponsoring a ¡Adelante! Leadership Institute covers the cost of the student's participation. The cost for sponsoring a ¡Adelante! Leadership Institute Scholar is as follows:

Student Scholars Package

Deadline: August 17, 2022

August 18-September 16, 2022

Local San Diego area undergraduate students (Price includes registration and hotel parking)

$500 per student

$525 per student
Regional area undergraduate students (Price includes registration, four night accommodations and parking) $1,000 per student $1,100 per student

Undergraduate students from outside of the San Diego area (Price includes registration, airfare, four night accommodations and parking)

$1,500 per student $1,700 per student 

For information on sponsoring ¡Adelante! Leadership Institute Scholars, please contact Student Services at (210)692-3805 or studenttrack@hacu.net or the Office of Development at (210) 692-3805 or development@hacu.net.

¡Adelante! Leadership Institute main title sponsor: