Value of Being a Hispanic Serving Institution

Below is a compilation of stories that highlight the importance of being a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) that have a significant impact on the institutions that receive them as well as in the success of its students.

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Two Paths: A Teen Father in Pursuit of Hope
Shared by Alex Serna - 10/25/2016

I can say that I would not be who I am today without the positive and impactful experience I had at Santa Ana College, a Hispanic Serving Institution.

As the first members of my family to attend college, my path to graduating from UC Berkeley with my B.A. and UCLA with my M.Ed was untraditional and started when I realized I had the intentional to succeed and was "college material" when I was a student at Santa Ana College, a Hispanic Serving Institution. I was a lost student in high school, I didn't know what the SAT/ACT, A-G, AP classes or the like were, nor did I care. Even though, both my immigrant parents encourage me to attend college, I didn't see myself as a college student. The only reasons why I attended school was to maintain my 2.0 GPA so I could play football and wrestle.

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