Voces Nuevas 

With support from Capital One, the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities is pleased to announce its new student advocacy program: Voces Nuevas. 

Program Description:

Voces Nuevas Program (translated in English to New Voices) is a student advocacy and leadership pilot program designed to elevate, uplift, and empower undergraduate students’ voices and experiences. Through the Voces Nuevas Program, students will be equipped with advocacy and leadership skills to enable them to effectively voice their concerns and to devise strategic actions that will promote the development of innovative socially conscious solutions at the local, state, and national levels. Collectively, this pilot program aims to empower students to enact change in their communities to improve Hispanic educational and economic outcomes. 


Program Components:

  • Orientation webinar to highlight program expectations and provide participating students with guidance on logistical support.
  • Training modules on various topics, such as education policy, power mapping, policy briefs, and advocacy strategies. These training modules will be provided online and will be self-paced. Upon completing all training modules online, students will earn a certification of completion.  
  • Webinars given by HACU representatives, speakers, researchers, and/or decision-making stakeholders on related topics and matters. 
  • Assignments will include, for example, a presentation on an issue area, a written policy/issue brief, and a personal written plan for continued civic engagement after the program.
  • Stipends of $1,000 per semester (Fall 2023 and Spring 2024; total stipend $2,000 per student) to support and ensure an optimal learning experience. Throughout the program, students will also be asked to provide HACU with feedback regarding their understanding and experience of the program. Students’ feedback will be used to understand their satisfaction with the curriculum and will serve as a valuable way to assess and enhance the program for future students.  
  • Attendance and participation at HACU’s annual National Capitol Forum, which will include attending information sessions and congressional meetings in Washington, D.C. 



  • Opportunity to engage with like-minded students and professionals to generate a more equitable educational pipeline for Hispanic students.
  • Exposure to networking opportunities with HACU representatives, leaders of colleges and universities, public policymakers, allied organizations, and other corporate/federal partners for learning and mentorship opportunities. 
  • Opportunity to further develop their leadership and advocacy skills. 
  • Stipend for active participation and knowledge sharing. 
  • Paid trip to Washington, DC to attend HACU’s annual Capitol Forum.



Ideal candidates are undergraduate students of all academic majors who are eager to engage with other students, committed to issues related to Hispanic success, and interested in advocacy and/or public policy. To be considered, applicants must:

  • Be rising sophomores, juniors, or seniors. 
  • Attend a HACU-member institution in Texas or California.
  • Be in good academic standing.
  • Be available to travel and fully engage in HACU’s annual National Capitol Forum from April 9-10, 2024. 


Application Process:

Applicants must submit the following information before the deadline to be considered for this opportunity. 

  • Complete the Voces Nuevas Application: APPLY HERE.
  • Remain responsive to HACU representatives who may reach out via email/ phone with updates. 

Candidates are encouraged to start and complete their applications early, only a certain number of students can be selected, and we would love to consider you for this opportunity.


Program Timeline:

 May 2023  Application Opens
 July 10, 2023  Deadline to submit applications 
 July 28, 2023  Selection of students
 September 15, 2023  Deadline to submit materials requested from HACU  
 September 26, 2023  Welcome and orientation webinar
 Fall 2023  Certificate program begins (self-paced)
 Spring 2024  Capitol Forum preparation and training (monthly meeting)
 April 9-10, 2024  HACU 29th National Capitol Forum in Washington, D.C.*
 April 19, 2024  Post-surveys due 
 April 26, 2024  Program ends

*Selected students are required to attend HACU’s National Capitol Forum in Washington, D.C. 



Monday, July 10, 2023 at midnight (PST)