Application Checklist 

All seven sections on the checklist below must be completed prior to submitting the application.

  • Please be advised that you will not be able to move forward to a particular section without first completing the section that precedes it, but you will be able to save your work and return to the most recently completed section at a later time.
  • Do not use your browser's "Back" button while completing the application. Doing so will corrupt the information you've entered and delay the processing of your application.
  1.   Basic Demographics

  2.   Emergency Contact

  3.   Educational Background

  4.   Resume

  5.   Work History

  6.   Essay

  7.   Required Documentation Download and Survey

Please be prepared to scan and upload the following documents as PDF files:

    • Enrollment Verification for current students OR certificate of graduation/conferred degree for recent graduates.
    • Official Transcripts - printed on heat sensitive paper or secured electronic PDF
    • Letter of Recommendation from a department chair, professor, or academic advisor

    ***Please note: Enrollment Verification or Certificate of Graduation/Conferred Degree needs to have an anticipated graduation date and must be within the past year. Official Transcripts and Letter of Recommendations must be within 2 years***

    IMPORTANT: Please ensure that all personal identifiable information (birthday, SSN) are not included or blacked out from official documents.  All required documents must be in English.  Any document in another language must be uploaded with a translated copy.

Most school libraries or office resource centers already have the tools and capabilities necessary to scan and upload documents to your application. However, if you have your own scanner and need FREE software to generate PDF documents, you may find it at the following site:

Note: Do not mail your enrollment verification and/or transcripts to our office.