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HACU National Internship Program / Application Checklist 

Application Checklist 

All seven sections on the checklist below must be completed prior to submitting the application.

  • Please be advised that you will not be able to move forward to a particular section without first completing the section that precedes it, but you will be able to save your work and return to the most recently completed section at a later time.
  • Do not use your browser's "Back" button while completing the application. Doing so will corrupt the information you've entered and delay the processing of your application.
  1.   Basic Demographics

  2.   Emergency Contact

  3.   Educational Background

  4.   Resume

  5.   Work History

  6.   Essay

  7.   Required Documentation Download and Survey

Please be prepared to scan and upload the following documents as PDF files:

    • Enrollment Verification for current students OR certificate of graduation/conferred degree for recent graduates
    • Official Transcripts - printed on heat sensitive paper or secured electronic PDF
    • Letter of Recommendation from a department chair, professor, or academic advisor


    October 17, 2017

    **Puerto Rico Applicants**

    Returnees:Returning applicants should submit their application by the original deadline of October 27 using documentation from their last session. Applicants will be required to submit updated documentation upon selection.

     New Applicants: In order to allow new applicants studying in Puerto Rico to be made eligible in the system and be reviewed by agencies, the program is making the following exceptions to the required documentation section of the application:

    •  Official Transcripts: we will accept unofficial transcripts in order to allow students to submit their applications. Should the student be selected by an agency, an official transcript will be required before the start of their internship.

    • Certification of Enrollment: we will accept the National Student Clearinghouse form without the expected graduation date. For those using HNIP’s certificate of enrollment, per our instructions, we don’t require the form to only be completed by the registrar; it can be completed by a school official. In place of the required seal, we will accept the signature of the school official that completed the form. Should that student be selected by an agency, an official certificate of enrollment will be required to be submitted before the start of the internship.  

    • Letter of Recommendation: we will accept a Letter of Intent from the student. This letter should include contact information of the school official who will write the letter of recommendation. Please provide at least one reference.


    We will continue to process student applications from universities in Puerto Rico on a continuous basis through December 8.  However, the selection process will begin shortly after the official deadline.  Therefore, it is in the best interest of the student to submit their application as early as possible. 

    These exceptions are being offered to ensure HNIP has a sufficient amount of information in the applications for federal agencies to review. Bear in mind that federal agencies may question the outdated documents. Be ready to provide updated information in your interview.


IMPORTANT: Please ensure that all personal identifiable information (birthday, SSN) are not included or blacked out from official documents.  All required documents must be in English.  Any document in another language must be uploaded with a translated copy.

Most school libraries or office resource centers already have the tools and capabilities necessary to scan and upload documents to your application. However, if you have your own scanner and need FREE software to generate PDF documents, you may find it at the following site:

Note: Do not mail your enrollment verification and/or transcripts to our office.