Travel and Housing

COVID-19 Pandemic Adjustments

HACU Housing is CLOSED INDEFINITELY and HACU will NOT be reimbursing for any travel related expenses.


You may choose to make your own travel and housing accommodations. However, as a service to our interns, HACU can make those arrangements for you at no charge. The benefits of HACU-arranged travel and housing are as follows:


  • If you are at risk of missing orientation, work, etc. due to a cancelled flight, HACU may be able to negotiate with the airline to put you on an earlier flight.
  • Interns coming from the same area are often put on the same flight.
  • Travel from the airport to housing accommodations in D.C. is pre-arranged (for interns placed in HACU housing).
  • No need to wait for reimbursement


  • No upfront costs (e.g. security deposits, administrative fees, first month’s rent)
  • No credit checks
  • Housing payments automatically deducted from your biweekly paycheck
  • No need to research the area
  • Close to public transportation and grocery stores
  • Fully furnished
  • Pots and pans, basic cooking utensils, dinnerware, iron/ironing board, and linens provided*
  • Placement with other HACU interns*

*Guaranteed only for interns placed in DC metro area

Please understand that you have limited time to complete the Intern Agreement from the time you accept your internship. On the agreement you must decide if you would like HACU to arrange housing for you or if you'd prefer to arrange housing on your own. The agreement, once submitted, is final and cannot be changed so please consider your housing preference carefully.