Call for Presentations-IS NOW CLOSED

Extended deadline to submit presentations is December 8, 2023
All presentations can be submitted and presented in English or Spanish
Simultaneous translation (English/Spanish and Spanish/English) will be provided during the Concurrent Sessions and Plenary events.

Call for Presentations Brochure (PDF)

The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) will host its 14th International Conference, June 3-5, 2024 in Salamanca, Spain at the University of Salamanca. HACU’s International Conference features sessions about the latest trends, model programs, research, and cutting-edge projects related to international education.

The conference provides an excellent opportunity to:

  • Discuss key topics related to international higher education and the global community.
  • Network, exchange ideas and information, and establish new partnerships for international collaboration among institutions of higher education.
  • Hear about model programs, unique partnerships and funding opportunities that promote the internationalization of university campuses.

The conference will attract an internationally renowned roster of keynote speakers and an extraordinary gathering of participants representing higher education, government, business, community and philanthropic sectors from around the world. Deadline for proposal submissions is December 8, 2023.

You are invited to submit speaker proposals that address the conference theme, “Innovation and Technology for an Inclusive and Diverse Workforce” in any of the following four conference tracks:

Track 1: Hispanidad: Language and Culture

  • Multilingualism and multiculturalism in the workplace.
  • Language, diversity, and talent development.
  • Language and intercultural communication in the workplace.
  • Transnational perspectives on Hispanidad and workforce mobility.
  • Hispanidad and cultural identity in the workplace.

Track 2: Global Competencies and Curriculum

  • Partnerships and collaborations for global workforce development.
  • Assessing and measuring global competencies.
  • Cultural intelligence and global competence.
  • Educational equity, inclusive pedagogies, and support for underrepresented groups.
  • High-impact global experiences and dynamic experiential learning such as internships, study abroad programs, faculty exchange, and research projects.
  • Creative curricular and co-curricular offerings.

Track 3: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainability

  • Innovation and green technologies.
  • Public-private partnerships and cross-sector collaborations.
  • Sustainable sourcing, fair trade, responsible production, and supply chain transparency.
  • Ethical considerations and responsible global business practices.
  • Initiatives for transitioning to a sustainable and diverse workforce in environmentally-focused industries.

Track 4: Teaching, Learning, and Technology

  • Performance-based assessments, portfolio assessments, and digital badges.
  • Digital transformation, automation, AI, and their impact on jobs, skills, and career development.
  • Reskilling and upskilling initiatives.
  • Digital literacy and technology integration.
  • Climate change education, sustainable business practices, and environmental stewardship.
  • Skills and competencies required for green jobs, and strategies for promoting green entrepreneurship.
  • Ethical issues with the use of new technologies in research and the use of AI as a new resource.

Conference Format

HACU’s 14th International Conference will feature informative plenary sessions with keynote speakers, and interactive conference track sessions featuring individual presenters and panel discussions.

Presentations are 90 minutes in length, including time for discussion and questions. A panel session is composed of up to three presentations on different aspects of a specific topic. A workshop is an interactive session composed of one to three presentations aimed at developing a particular skill or knowledge in a specific area. No more than four individuals may serve on a panel or workshop session. In some instances, the HACU review committee may suggest combining presentations similar in content into one workshop or panel.

All conference rooms will be set up to accommodate the maximum number of conference participants possible. LCD projectors, laptops and screens are available to presenters at no cost.

Submission Guidelines

  • All proposals should relate to the conference theme, “Innovation and Technology for an Inclusive and Diverse Workforce.”

  • A Call for Presentations Proposal Submission Form must be submitted via HACU’s website,

  • Submissions must include the following:

    1. Presentation Title (10 word limit).

    2. Presentation Abstract (50-75 word limit) – A brief description to be included in the conference program.

    3. Presentation Plan (50 word limit) – A brief description to be included in the conference program that provides an overview of expected audience involvement. Interactive presentations are highly encouraged.

    4. Presentation Summary (250-300 word limit) – Extended description of proposal for committee review. Proposals will be reviewed for relevance to the conference theme, thoroughness and clarity, and expected learning outcomes. 

    • More than one proposal may be submitted, but only one will be accepted per presenter. Proposals can be submitted by one person or a group of no more than four people. The first presenter listed on the submission form will be considered the lead contact and is required to provide all contact information for co-presenters to HACU. HACU will notify the lead contact person if the proposal was selected. It is the responsibility of the lead contact person to notify the other presenters, and for organizing and facilitating the presentation.

  • All presenters are required to register for the conference, but will be able to register at a discounted conference registration rate. HACU does not pay presenters honoraria, expenses, or waive the conference registration fee.

  • HACU reserves the right to edit summaries of accepted presentations for inclusion in the conference program.

Presentation proposals must be submitted online and will be accepted until December 8, 2023.

Notification of HACU workshop committee decisions will be made by December 22, 2023.

Click here to submit your presentation.

Call for Presentations Brochure (PDF) 

For questions or additional information regarding the Call for Presentations process, please contact:

Lourdes Bird
International Affairs Coordinator
Phone: (210) 576-3228