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Hispanic-Serving School Districts

In 2006, HACU launched its Hispanic-Serving School Districts (HSSDs) initiative, which is a new member affiliation composed of K-12 school districts whose total student enrollment is at least 25% Hispanic. As the champions of Hispanic higher education success, HACU is committed to exploring and facilitating new approaches to educational success. HACU’s mission drives much of its organizational work related to institutional capacity building and best practices.

The HSSD affiliation was started in order to address the many challenges facing both higher education and K-12 in recruiting, retaining, and graduating Hispanic students. The goal is to have HACU-member colleges and universities collaborate with HSSDs in an effort to frame, develop and carry out new and innovative initiatives that benefit their respective student populations and significantly increase Hispanic student success.

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For a current listing of HACU-affiliated Hispanic-Serving School Districts, click here.