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Past Highlights from ...

Capitol Forum 2013 photos

Presentations from HACU's 2013 Capitol Forum

Capitol Forum 2012 photos

Presentations from HACU's 2012 Capitol Forum

Capitol Hill Visits

Preconference Workshop: Funding Opportunities at the Federal Level 

Other Presentations:

HACU Government Relations Staff presentation
AACTE talking points - presented by Dr. Jane West 
Post-Secondary Education of Latinos and Policy Initiatives - presented by Dr. Adriana Kugler, Chief Economist, Department of Labor  

Capitol Forum 2011 photos


Presentations from HACU's 2011 Capitol Forum

Preconference: Federal Agency Funding Opportunities Workshop 

Capitol Forum:



Capitol Forum 2010 photos

Presentations from HACU's 2010 Capitol Forum:


Book recommendation: Language, Culture, and Community in Teacher Education, edited by Maria Estela Brisk, Published by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates/Taylor & Francis Group for the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education

Capitol Forum 2009 photos

Presentations from HACU's 2009 Capitol Forum:
Capitol Forum 2008 photos

Presentations from HACU's 2008 Capitol Forum:
Capitol Forum 2007 photos

Capitol Forum 2006 photos


Capitol Forum 2005 photos

Capitol Forum 2004 photos

Capitol Forum 2003 photos

Capitol Forum 2002 photos